Forum, May 15: Thanks to AARP Tax-Aide Host Sites

Monday, May 14, 2018
Thanks to AARP Tax-Aide Host Sites

Beginning Feb. 1 and continuing through April 17, the AARP Foundation provided free tax assistance to low- and moderate-income taxpayers. This was done through the AARP Foundation’s Tax-Aide program, the nation’s largest free tax assistance and preparation service, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. AARP Tax-Aide volunteers are trained and IRS-certified each year to ensure they know about and understand the latest changes to the Tax Code.

As my first year in the position of district coordinator comes to an end I want to issue a well-deserved thank you to the volunteers and host sites that are part of my district, which covers Windsor County and a piece of Windham County. I was lucky to work with a well-trained and caring group of volunteers, from the client facilitators to the local coordinators. I am grateful to each of them.

Our host sites — which included Martin Memorial Hall and the Union Church in Ascutney; Hartford Town Hall and the Thompson Senior Center in Woodstock — are a huge part of making our program possible. They donate not only the space but also the costs associated with keeping us warm and providing electricity. Some of these sites also help by taking calls to set up appointments for us. Some offer meals to the volunteers. Still others have transportation services for our clients. Each is special and appreciated. Thank you also to all the locations that allowed us to put up posters telling about our program and where to call for appointments.

To our clients, we all look forward to assisting you during the next tax season.

Vickie Lucius, District 9/10 Coordinator

Vermont AARP Tax-Aide

We’ve Indeed Come A Long Way

The latest news out of the “Make America Great Again” White House, per the president’s newest lawyer, the infamous Rudy Giuliani, is that Michael Cohen, aka Mikie Get Rid Of, was just doing his job! He was on retainer to clean up any and all of President Donnie Pickles’ pickles in order to keep shame and dubious thoughts from forming in the minds of the nation’s electorate. After all, the presidential election was just days away. Not cleaning up the Stormy Daniels pickle would have been a breach of the lawyer-client contract.

If only Gary Hart had kept a lawyer on retainer for things like this during the 1988 presidential campaign he could have been elected to the highest office in our land. Those photographs of Donna Rice sitting on Hart’s lap onboard the yacht Monkey Business could have been defended as raising awareness for boating and infidelity safety. After all, we’ve come a long ways since then. Who a married presidential candidate dates should not be a factor in presidential elections anymore. The president and first lady can sustain any and all menage a trois.

You just have to ask yourself what would Washington and Lincoln have done?

Jackie Smith


More ‘Chemtrails’ Information Needed

Chemical pollution of our skies is being conducted without our permission and largely without our knowledge. Known as “chemtrails,” these are not the innocuous condensation trails from commercial aircraft that most people I have talked to assume.

To me they are obvious; one only need look up on a clear day, as I did on April 23. I observed more activity on April 27 in the morning before it clouded over. Actually, I’ve observed them frequently for the past several years.

Whether the purpose of this spraying is for climate control/global warming, weather modification, something more sinister or all of the above, I do not know. But I am convinced the phenomenon is real and is being hidden from us in plain sight. Our representatives need to be made aware that secrecy is not acceptable. Nothing short of investigation and full disclosure will do; no hiding behind “national security.”

More comprehensive analysis of the fallout and precipitation are needed. Health effects are suspected, including a recent reference to “chemtrail lung.” A major suspected contaminant is aluminum, which, although ubiquitous in nature, has severe effects in bioavailable form, including autism, dementia in humans and toxicity to food crops.

A great deal of information can be found by searching YouTube for “chemtrails.” A comprehensive online source is GeoEngineeringWatch.com. For an historical overview, the documentary Frankenskies is available on YouTube.

Dan Leggett


A Few Kind Words Yield Positive Results

On a recent Friday I stood in line at Kohl’s behind a lady admiring a black and gold dress. Those were the same colors in her shirt. I said, “I see you like black and gold. That’s a pretty dress.” From there a pleasant conversation ensued. We then each went to our separate registers. She then came to my register and handed me a coupon for 20 percent off my purchase. With that coupon I saved $30.

I thought, “Wow! And all of that came from simply saying ‘hi’ and acknowledging someone!”

On Monday, I stopped in the waiting room in the veterinarian’s office and spoke for a few minutes with a baby. When I left, his father stood up and insisted on opening doors for me — a much-appreciated gesture because carrying a cat cage and managing doors is difficult.

A thought from Ecclesiastes says, “Cast your bread upon the waters.” Roughly translated I hear, “Be kind to others; give, if only a friendly greeting, and in some way that kindness will come back to you.”

Karolyn Bowen

White River Junction