Forum, March 28: Anonymous donor boosts fountain at Glenwood Cemetery

Published: 3/27/2019 10:05:09 PM
Modified: 3/27/2019 10:05:12 PM
Anonymous donor boosts fountain at Glenwood Cemetery

The Lebanon Heritage Commission, through its Fountain Working Group, has recently received a pledge to fund the restoration of the fountain in Glenwood Cemetery off Dulac Street, south of the Mascoma River, not far from downtown.

As chair of the Heritage Commission, I want to thank the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous. I also want to thank the members of the Fountain Working Group — Priscilla Gosselin, Lindamae Peck, Lorraine Morrison, Public Works representative Bruce Kimball, and the late Carol Dustin — all of whom have done so much hard work and spent so much time and energy developing and organizing this project. Thanks also to the members of the Logan family, who donated the cherubs that will be at the center of the new fountain.

Preliminary work on repairing the basin began last summer, and this year we expect to see the project completed.

More information about the Fountain Working Group and similar initiatives is available at (click on “Heritage Commission” and “Additional Resources”). All community members are welcome to attend the commission’s monthly meetings, held on the second Wednesday of each month, at 7 p.m., typically at City Hall, to learn about the fountain projects and other topics ranging from local landmark designations and the historic district to resource studies, including our mill history, and our current project, the restoration and activation of the 1765 Dana House. Aside from meetings, we also work with community partners to offer family-friendly events like the upcoming Dana House presentation and tour and the Maple Avenue neighborhood study reveal. Stay tuned for details.



Greensboro Road project impacts can’t be ignored

We attended a Hanover Zoning Board meeting recently only to come out terribly disappointed. An organization is proposing to build a two-story, 21,250-square-foot structure just above Greensboro Road.

If the town lets this building go through, it seems as if it will only open up further development all along Greensboro Road, especially on the large property in the area that is now for sale. Logging of that property has been going on in a full-scale mode for a couple of months now, leading one to think that it’s primed and ready for a developer to go in there, as well.

We have been to these meetings only sporadically in the last several months, but attending this one affected us tremendously. It was frightening to actually think this might go through. We believe one of the board members actually said, “it really isn’t going to impact the neighborhood,” and truly couldn’t believe what we were hearing. It’s disappointing, to say the least, to think that the town would roll over and let such a development happen in a residential neighborhood. This large structure is not conducive to the Greensboro Road neighborhood.

We’ve both stood on the outskirts of this issue as concerned neighbors, but not passionate ones. We’ve since become so and urge you to attend the meeting at Town Hall on Thursday at 7 p.m. All neighborhoods need support.

Ignoring the impact of this project just because it isn’t your own backyard isn’t good for our future.



Rep. Gabbard is a standout candidate

With the election so far away it may seem silly to look at presidential candidates. But I have noticed one standout, totally unlike any candidate I have seen in 75 years of watching.

Our country is in extreme distress, and only Tulsi Gabbard has shown the values and perspectives to start us on a road to recovery, decency and humanity. Gabbard is a 37-year-old major in the Hawaii Army National Guard and a representative to Congress.

She shows a remarkable combination of intelligence, empathy for all and extreme bravery. She has made several direct assaults on our controlling political elites, received threats in return, and has not been impressed.

People who talk with her find they are being listened to with great sincerity and human identification. She has pure motives, the greatest integrity, and great care in choice of words, which shows the genuine truth in her Waikiki statement: “I know who I am.”

Her central thrust is ending our regime-change wars and cultivating world peace while meeting the needs of our people with the billions not spent on military adventures.

Refusing corporate money, Gabbard has about two-thirds of the 65,000 unique small donations she needs to get into the June debates, and could use a couple of more bucks here and there. Take a look at

I’m gravely concerned about the future of the United States and feel deeply that Gabbard arrives just in time.


Springfield, Vt.

‘Medicare for All’ is best health care idea for America

I am writing to promote and educate people about “Medicare for All.” This issue is simply the best health care idea for the American people.

Health care in the United States currently costs $3.5 trillion. The cost of Medicare for All is estimated to be $1.38 trillion, a savings of over $2 trillion. The United States spends more than $11,000 per person on health care, more than twice what other industrialized countries pay.

Most industrialized countries have universal health care and they report data, such as infant mortality rates, that are far lower than the United States. A family of four in the U.S. with income in the $50,000 range would save more than $5,000 per year with Medicare for All.

Are you someone who contends with high co-pays and high deductibles? Have you avoided seeking treatment due to the high costs of health care? If that is the case, then you need to contact your congressional representatives and ask that they support and co-sign H.R. 1384, The Medicare for All Bill of 2019.

Then join me in supporting the effort that the grassroots group Rights & Democracy is leading to make Medicare for All happen. New Hampshire residents can visit and Vermonters can go to to get involved. We’re overdue for improving the status quo and guaranteeing health care for all.



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