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Forum, March 21: Thank the workers on the front lines

Published: 3/20/2020 10:00:23 PM
Modified: 3/20/2020 10:00:11 PM
Thank the workers on the front lines

Recently there was a letter thanking our health care providers for their efforts on behalf of all of us during the coronavirus outbreak (“Honor dedicated health care workers,” March 11. We certainly agree with this admirable sentiment, and we also want to express our appreciation to another group of people who are showing up for work, day in and day out, to make all of our lives in the Upper Valley better.

We’re referring to the workers who daily interact with the public — in grocery stores, drugstores, banks, libraries, department stores, coffee shops, restaurants, Advance Transit buses, post offices ... the list goes on and on and on. When they provide us with service, these good people are on the front line of COVID-19 risk. Over the past weeks, we have noticed how cheerfully polite, helpful and kind they are. Some of them have agreed to deliver items to cars of customers. Others have given advice on where to find hand sanitizer if their store is out of stock, as well as instructions to make your own. At CVS in Hanover last week, clerks were giving alcohol wipes out for free. This was completely above and beyond anyone’s expectations.

Many of these people are hourly and part-time employees, those who might not have access to paid sick time or good health insurance or resources in the bank. We want you to know that we deeply appreciate your efforts. We have written to our federal and state officials asking them to pass legislation to support you and your families.

Thank you to all who help the public in these trying times.



President Trump has failed us

Thank goodness for the governors, mayors, sports officials, school officials, emergency management officials and all the medical professionals for stepping up and taking leadership positions in combating COVID-19.

It is astounding to me the lack of understanding and leadership exhibited by President Donald Trump. From giving false information to denial of the severity of the situation to telling states to go it alone, he has failed us miserably. Be safe everyone.



Bear hounding is cruel and outdated

I recently attended a meeting at the Vermont Statehouse about a bill, S.321, that addressed the “hunting” of bears with hounds. The bill proposed that the “hunters” need to be in total control of their hounds, which would require them to have their dogs within a reasonable distance. Currently, the radio-controlled hounds are miles away from their handlers, who are off in their vehicles tracking the hounds’ location via a GPS transmitter. The hounds may be chasing the intended target — a bear — or a fawn or moose calf. The “hunter” has no idea. That is just one of the many problems with bear hounding.

What shocked me about this discussion was that not one member of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy even mentioned the abysmal cruelty of chasing a vulnerable animal for miles and miles using powerful radio-collared hounds. How can anyone consider one bear against six dogs and multiple armed men hunting?

On June 1, the hound “training” season starts. Mother bears will be separated from their cubs during these frenzied pursuits and their cubs likely left to die of starvation. It is also a time when all bears are busy feeding their cubs. The training season lasts all summer, and then hunting season kicks in on Sept. 1. Bears are terrorized and killed for six long months in Vermont.

Vermont’s statutes on cruelty to animals state firmly that all animals are sentient beings, so why are wild creatures subjected to prolonged suffering and disgusting cruelties when, if it were to happen to a domestic animal, the perpetrator would be penalized in court? Sadly the very agency in charge of “protecting” wildlife, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, condones these outdated practices to placate the small number of “sportsmen’s” groups, their license-paying customers.

While S.321 has been withdrawn, you can still contact your state senator and Gov. Phil Scott to ensure that these practices are banned forever.


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