Forum, March 12: Gun ban would leave N.H. schools defenseless

Monday, March 11, 2019
Gun ban would leave N.H. schools defenseless

On Feb. 27, the New Hampshire House passed a bill, HB 564, that would ban loaded firearms on school grounds or school buses, turning schools into “gun-free” zones (“Legislators OK ban on guns at schools.” Feb. 28).

Do these politicians really believe that, for example, Adam Lanza would have been deterred from the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre because there was a “gun-free school zone” sign?

Why would this be any more effective than the draconian gun control laws in major cities that are routinely ignored by those who commit street crimes? How are those draconian gun control laws working in Chicago or New York City or Los Angeles?

Someone who wants to commit a school massacre will do so, period. Schools will be “gun-free” to all but the criminal, who won’t care about anything other than going through with the crime. How will that provide protection for the schools? I agree with the opponents that a “gun-free zone” sign on a school would be tantamount to putting up a giant target on the building.

As usual, the politicians are grandstanding for voter approval. Rather than “gun-free zone” signs, a better deterrent might be a signs warning that school staff was armed.

Would that guarantee safety? Probably not, but it is better than having schools unable to defend staff and children.



Hanson’s Twitter statement was distasteful, cruel

I want to thank the Valley News for mentioning the anti-Semitic comment made on Twitter by Sullivan County Republican Party Chair Keith Hanson (“Shock jock goes too far,” Primary Source, March 7).

As the Democratic Party chair of Sullivan County, and as a Jewish-American who had family members who were murdered by the Nazis, I wanted to share the collective response from the Sullivan County Democratic Committee regarding Hanson’s distasteful and cruel Twitter statement: “Sullivan County Democrats stand with Rep. Debra Altschiller. We deplore the personal attack on her and assure her that hate has no home in Sullivan County.”

In addition, I noticed that the Primary Source column didn’t mention the disrespectful and appalling actions of the Republican members of the House Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, which got national media attention yesterday.

The committee hearing was tasked with taking public testimony for HB 687, which would protect our most vulnerable friends and neighbors from gun-related domestic violence and suicide. The Republican members of the committee wore pearls to mock citizens who felt strongly enough about this bill to testify.

Their actions were an embarrassing moment for New Hampshire residents regardless of their party or position on HB 687.



The female must have protection

I send a message of gratitude and relief to Paul D. Manganiello, the retired director of the division of reproductive endocrinology at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, for his recent Opinion column (“When does human life begin?” Feb. 26).

How I wish this would settle the political and legal debate!

Surely his statement as a medical expert is the best I have read in the many years since I lost my mother by her own hand. She died March 17, 1929. She knew she was dying and told my 10-year-old sister, “You will be the mother now.” This was a responsibility she never abandoned.

Today the frequency of abortion is reduced as contemporary means of contraception protect women and girls. Abortion may be occurring when impulses proceed prior to prevention.

The female usually, but not always, releases one egg, while the male makes millions of sperm. These are tremendous odds against female humans. If one were a gambler, the female must have protection.

Whether or not she is prepared to serve the responsibilities my 10-year-old sister did, medically safe and available medicine and laws must be on her side.

It is repulsive to say to her, “You must accede to an abortion,” or “You may not have an abortion.” The decision is hers alone.

If opponents await the second coming, she may already be here.



Catholic Church should search for source of problem

In reference to the problem with pedophilia in the Catholic Church, I think they’re right to go after those who are pedophiles and defrock them if necessary (“Pope calls for ‘all out battle’: Vatican concludes summit on sex abuse,” Feb. 25). But I’ve heard no mention of the search for the reason why these priests became pedophiles in the first place. Unless you find that out, it’s going to be difficult for them to change anything.

People are not born pedophiles. Something happened between the time they were born and the time they show pedophelic tendencies. I have no answers, but if you can find the source of the problem, you can correct the problem. That should be their main drive.

I know that the church does not teach it, and does not preach it, but they should let the world know they’re looking for the reason why pedophelia exists in the church.

All the mea culpas and all the money spent is not going to change the damage done to the young people unless they look into why we have the problem.



When money takes over politics, this is what happens

President Donald Trump wants $5.7 billion to build a wall. This is completely insane.

With this kind of money, the United States could build solar and wind stations that would do away with billions of gallons of fossil fuels that are polluting our Earth and still have money left over to treat thousands of people to a Happy Meal.

This is what happens when we have a corrupt government — money takes over. We are the richest country in the world and we still have diesel-powered trains while other countries have electric or magnetic trains.

Build a wall? No, because if you build a 50-foot wall someone will build a 51-foot ladder. As Gen. George S. Patton is supposed to have said, “Fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity.”

This is what happens when people lie and propaganda is allowed.

So to all you hard-working Americans who sometimes have to work two jobs to make ends meet, this is what’s happening in our world today. Before it’s too late, sit down and look and listen to all these lies. We are supposed to be Americans, not Communist-controlled people.