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Dan McClory, publisher

Forum, June 5: The Mueller investigation was always a political witch hunt

Published: 6/4/2019 10:00:21 PM
Modified: 6/4/2019 10:00:15 PM
The Mueller investigation was always a political witch hunt

My understanding of a special prosecutor investigation is that the special prosecutor is to determine whether a crime occurred and reference such crime. The most recent example would be Ken Starr’s investigation of President Bill Clinton, in which he detailed 11 different crimes, put them in his final report and sent it to the Justice Department for further legal action.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team included 19 attorneys (which included 14 registered Democrats and not one Republican.) It took 22 months and upward of $25 million before a report was finally rendered. Mueller recommended for indictment multiple Russian companies and individuals who were found to have broken our laws in an attempt to alter the election of 2016. However, the report concluded that not one American colluded with the Russians. Not one.

Regarding Mueller’s public statement (“Mueller: Russia report doesn’t exonerate Trump,” May 30): Mueller said the Russians are innocent until proven guilty under our laws. Not once did he say that same thing about the president of the United States. Saying he couldn’t exonerate the president of a crime makes it appear that he was working under a principle that the president was guilty until proven innocent. The fact of the matter is that the Mueller investigation was to detail any crime and report it to the Justice Department. The report didn’t state any crime or say which laws might have been broken.

Go ahead, Democrats, push impeachment if you wish to. Your chances, without a crime or indictment, will only prove to the American people that this was always a political witch hunt that continues at taxpayer expense.



Mueller’s disgraceful display

Robert Mueller’s disgraceful statement inferring that President Donald Trump was not proven innocent had it backward (“Mueller: Russia report doesn’t exonerate Trump,” May 30). In our system one is innocent until proven guilty.

The president is right. Mueller’s investigation was a partisan witch hunt all along.


Lyme Center

The voters must remove President Trump from office

There is no doubt in my mind that President Donald Trump has committed impeachable offenses. His efforts to stonewall congressional requests for information are the most blatant. However, impeachment is fundamentally a partisan act. The Democratic House will pass articles of impeachment, but the Republican Senate will refuse to convict. Furthermore, Trump will trumpet that he has been exonerated by the Senate and use it to galvanize his followers.

The most important piece in all this is to remove Trump from office. He is a cancer on this country. The best way is to let the voters do it. The impeachment process will deepen the levels of anger but produce no concrete result. But if the voters vote to be rid of him, it may bring a greater level of acceptance. The Founding Fathers saw impeachment as the way to remove a lawless president from office. In the present political climate, however, it will not have the desired outcome and likely will make matters worse. Get out and vote.


West Lebanon

Skip’s Run is Father’s Day

The Skip Matthews Memorial Run celebrates its 16th anniversary this year. Over the last 15 years, thousands of people have participated in this ever-growing “4 Miles for Research” community event. While celebrating Skip’s life, we promote community awareness about brain tumor research and, thanks to the generosity of the Upper Valley, have raised more than $225,000 for the Norris Cotton Cancer Center Brain Tumor Research Fund.

Join us for Skip’s Run on Father’s Day, June 16, at Colburn Park in Lebanon. The 1-mile fun run/walk begins at 9 a.m. and the 4-mile Skip’s Run begins at 10 a.m. After the race, stay to enjoy the music, presentation of awards, and a wonderful barbecue sponsored by Salt hill Pub.

Registration information is available at or at Lebanon Recreation and Parks Department. We look forward to another great race and the community spirit that has become an integral part of the day.


White River Junction

These racist symbols mar the landscape of the Upper Valley

I read with great sadness that educator and columnist Deb Beaupre is thinking about leaving the Upper Valley — and for the worst possible reasons (“Life Here: The Valley is beautiful, except for this symbol,” May 25). I always read her when she appears and have found her writing thoughtful, funny, humane, insightful and always a pleasure to read.

Her reasons for thinking of leaving are largely that she has come to recognize, as a woman of color, she doesn’t always feel safe in this community. Blatant symbols of racism mar our beautiful landscape and we need to talk about this as a community and how it impacts some of our citizens.

We have been lucky to have Beaupre here. I would miss reading her columns but certainly hope that, if she leaves, she lives happily ever after enriching whatever community she lands in.


Thetford Center

It’s right to take offense at narrow-minded people

I read with shame and sadness the recent Close-up column by Deb Beaupre about feeling estranged from the beautiful spring because of a Confederate flag planted in the middle of a greening field (“Life Here: The Valley is beautiful, except for this symbol,” May 25).

I want to respond by saying, on behalf of the vast majority of people living here in New Hampshire, you do belong and you are absolutely right to take offense at narrow-minded people who insensitively display symbols of hate.

I am sorry, deeply sorry, that your spring ecstasy was taken from you. My hope is that you know those people are the exception and that they will not flourish and prosper as long as they hold onto hate.

I also hope you know that you do belong here as much as anyone else.



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