Forum, June 29: Our Problems Are Created by the Swamp

Friday, June 29, 2018

The World Needs More Love

On June 16, as I was walking on Hanover’s Main Street from Starbucks to my car on South Street, I passed a man carrying what looked to be an infant. He was giving the child a ride on his shoulders at first, but then carried the child horizontally on his outstretched arms at shoulder height. He seemed to be kissing the child’s belly button. They were having a very good time — the man smiling broadly, the child giggling.

The sight filled me with deep feelings of love: for them, for others walking by, for everyone. I couldn’t resist those feelings, and as I passed the pair I asked the man where he got that toy because I would like one too. He laughed; I felt even more love.

When I got home, I loved that, and my wife inside, too. The TV news was on, discussing the actions to separate children from their parents at the border with Mexico and playing a recording of the cries of the children. Feelings of love could not live with what was there. This is a time when more love is sorely needed in the world, not actions that take love away.

Louis A. Kislik

West Lebanon