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Forum, June 24: A failure to connect the dots

Published: 6/23/2020 10:00:12 PM
Modified: 6/23/2020 10:00:10 PM
A failure to connect the dots

Congratulations to the Valley News on its latest smear of President Donald Trump. It was a hit job worthy of The New York Times (I call it “The New York Slimes”), which I am sure you will take as high praise.

In publishing the story by The Associated Press with the headline “Facebook yanks Trump campaign ads with Nazi symbols” (June 19) you have reached the peak of yellow journalism. When one actually reads the article, one learns that the Trump ad featured a symbol used by antifa, the far-left militant group linked to anarchists, communists and socialists.

But I can tell you weren’t interested in connecting those dots, were you? What a rag your paper has become.


North Haverhill

Probably best to stand clear

I can distinctly recall the political ads for Democratic presidential candidate Gov. Michael Dukakis in which he is shown wearing a combat helmet while piloting an Army tank around a field. Then there was Gov. Howard Dean’s shriek at one of his presidential campaign rallies that still reminds one of fingernails on the chalkboard delivered by the leather-clad class bully. And, not to isolate political parties, there’s President George W. Bush in a Navy jet landing aboard an aircraft carrier with signs declaring “Mission Accomplished.”

And now our most recent offender of the presidential faux pas — Donald Trump — and his clearing of protesters from outside a church near the White House so that he might have a nice, clean photo op with, of all props, a Bible.

While considering the above events, it occurs to me that surely they must have had to clear people away from all of ’em!

I jest, of course, but if you’re all done finding something to chuckle about in these troubled times then you’ve given in to the scripted status quo. Someone else can have my spot in that line. Be well, all.



To rescue this failed state

On Friday night, another “referee” of our democracy was sacked. During six weeks this spring, President Donald Trump removed five inspectors general, whose job is to detect and investigate waste, fraud and abuse in their departments. The inspector general who flagged the Ukraine whistleblower complaint, as required by law, was fired. Happened late on a Friday night. The Health and Human Services IG, who reported findings of “severe” shortages of COVID-19 testing supplies, “widespread shortages” of personal protective equipment and other concerns, was fired May 1. The State Department IG, investigating allegations of corruption by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, fired on a Friday night. Now it is the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, who was investigating alleged illegal lobbying for foreign countries by Rudy Giuliani.

This is a corrupt aberration. President Barack Obama removed exactly one inspector general.

Blundering appointees whose integrity and competence is valued less than loyalty replace experienced staff during a pandemic. Able scientists and public health authorities are muzzled and sidelined. The consequences are catastrophic. Billionaires and CEOs who detest government disempower it, with the “deep state” being justification. The balance of power is replaced by the divine right of kings. We witnessed this at Trump’s Tulsa rally. The president so loves his people that he is willing to sacrifice them to possible death by COVID-19 to gain reelection.

During impeachment, a sycophantocracy of senators declined to confront this corruption. Since then, we have witnessed a politicization and dysfunction of essential public health measures, with needless deaths as a consequence. Fair elections this November, in the midst of a pandemic, are the only way to rescue this democracy. Please write the New Hampshire secretary of state, the governor and your representatives and ask them to clarify and publicize how to achieve mail-in balloting. Please support other states in the integrity of voting for all of our citizens.



A confluence of opinion

I have been wondering why most of the letters to the editor published in the Valley News seem to express opinions I agree with. So I decided to look at the letters published recently in the Tulsa World, of Tulsa, Okla., site of President Donald Trump’s recent campaign event. Here’s a sample of the headlines: “Bringing shame to Tulsa with Trump rally,” “Tulsa is being played in hosting Trump rally,” “Resenting Gov. Stitt for inviting President Trump to Tulsa during pandemic,” “Trump’s Bible lesson,” “No surprises about rise in COVID-19 cases.”

They could have been written here if President Trump had decided to hold his rally in the Upper Valley.


White River Junction

The lesson of not voting

I have read many letters in this space expressing justified anguish and anger over injustices inflicted on disadvantaged and marginalized groups of people.

However, I have seen no acknowledgement of the fact that every injured group except undocumented immigrants — people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, young people — turned out to vote for Hillary Clinton in significantly smaller numbers than they had for Barack Obama.

I voted for Clinton. I wasn’t thrilled, but it was obvious she would have been a vastly better president than Donald Trump. She would not have been able to eliminate every injustice, but she would not have tried to create new ones, and she would have done her best to reduce those she could.

Post-election analysis makes it clear that if those groups of Americans now most grievously harmed by Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress had turned out to vote for Clinton as they did for Obama, Clinton would now be president. And we would have an entirely different Supreme Court — now, and for the next 30 or more years.

I hope those voters most grievously harmed as a result of staying home in 2016 because of a lack of enthusiasm for the nominee will change their ways in November.


Springfield Vt.

Trying out racial profiling

I tried racially profiling four white males the other day. Why? Well, racial profiling seems to be something that many white males are mad about giving up these days, so it must be valuable or important, and white males are the organisms in my universe who have hurt me the most. They have sexually, physically and verbally assaulted me.

Never mind that I know a few white men who respect me. I have a colleague, a friend, several nephews and a brother who treat me with kindness and as an equal. But just the other day, a white male, upon seeing me with my Black Lives Matter and Love What God Loves signs, hollered obscenities at me.

So when I saw four white males with their four vehicles in a park whose gates were closed and locked, I assumed they were up to no good. I knew they must be doing a drug drop because all the drug dealers I know are white.

They had a drone, and when it started following me I gave it the finger. They probably wanted to take pictures of me swimming in my underwear or naked to post on YouTube. Because all the sexual predators I know are white.

As soon as I saw them, I took pictures of them. I think I’ll report them to the police. I’m sure the police will be fine with me racially profiling them. I’m sure they will believe me when I show them the photos. Unless the law enforcement officer is a white male.



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