Forum, June 12: A Good ‘Sam’ Steps Up for Former Teacher

Monday, June 11, 2018
‘Sam’ Steps Up for Teacher

I have been an educator in the Upper Valley for more than 40 years. I watch and hear all of the horrible stories that involve our local youth, and it makes me sad. That being said, I have to share an enlightening story that happened to me at a local grocery store recently.

I stopped on my way home from school to pick up a few things for dinner. I noticed one of my former students, “Sam,” had returned for summer work, so I waited in his checkout lane. When I got up to him, we chatted about college and my teaching and his ambitions, all the things a former teacher wants to know. Then I swiped my card to pay — it had expired the day before and I did not realize it. I had nothing else with me

Without hesitation, this young man said, “Here, let’s do this.” He pulled out his personal credit card to pay for my groceries. I protested, but he said, “This is the least I can do for all you taught me and all the others, Ms. Mc.”

I can’t express the feeling that gesture left me with, but 100-plus people have on social media. With all the negative things we see in the news about our youth, it is important to know that there are “Sams” out there who are exceptional.

Patricia McNamara