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Forum, June 10: Dresden School Board requests veto of HB 2

Published: 6/9/2021 10:00:09 PM
Modified: 6/9/2021 10:00:12 PM
Dresden School Board requests veto of HB 2

At its regular board meeting on Tuesday, the Dresden School Board voted unanimously to update the language of its previous resolution opposing HB 544 to reference its current inclusion as an amendment embedded in the New Hampshire budget trailer, HB 2.

The board affirmed its commitment to providing all families and students in our district communities with a supportive, safe and equitable educational opportunity in our schools, and its belief that the freedom to engage in dialogue around topics such as racism and sexism is central to the work of our dedicated staff, teachers and administrators.

In conclusion, the members of the Dresden School Board respectfully request that Gov. Chris Sununu veto HB 2. The full text of our resolution can be found on our website:



The writer is chair of the Dresden School Board.

Welcome to Hartford School District’s equity coordinator

As chair of the Hartford Committee on Racial Equity and Inclusion, I am pleased and excited to announce the Hartford School District’s appointment and hiring of an equity coordinator, Maggi Ibrahim, to lead our district’s commitment to equity and inclusion.

I hope everyone will offer Ibrahim a warm welcome as a new community member, and also give their support to her future efforts.



Faulkner Park issue is divisive, unnecessary

Woodstock has, for years, enjoyed Marianne Faulkner’s well-thought-out generosity — our children at the Rec Center, our use of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, our seniors at The Homestead, walks on Mount Tom and relaxing in Faulkner Park, or simply the breathtaking simplicity of the star on a cold, snowy, winter night.

This is Woodstock.

I don’t want to say this was Woodstock, but we seem to be heading in that direction.

The lack of transparency and the obvious disregard for Faulkner’s wishes is distressing. Why was this discussed behind closed doors for more than a year before being made public? Why is the Select Board not waiting to hear from the attorney general before voting?

To make specious arguments about trail management is a frank insult to the ability and intelligence of anybody involved, especially considering $150,000 of federal money that was earmarked for public land was spent by the Billings Park Commission on the Faulkner trail and it had to ask for a grant from the trust to sort it out!

The community has still not received an accounting of this.

There will continue to be no accountability by the commission if it takes over the park and the $850,000-plus budget. What happens when those funds are depleted? A survey of Woodstock earmarked Faulkner Park as a prime spot for development. Would this possibly be the next move if the town “runs out of money” for the maintenance of the park?

What about the beloved star? The star has already been the subject of controversy and litigation. It has been protected only because it’s on private land. If the land goes to the town, this protection will cease and the star will, almost certainly, be removed. To many, that star is very much a part of Woodstock and it would be a blow to lose it.

This issue is unnecessary. It is divisive at a time when our community needs transparency and leadership, not the appearance of ulterior motives that are disturbing and will discourage generous gifts to the town in the future.



A time fit for a museum

You know, eventually — and I mean long after most of us “older folks” have passed — there will be a splendid exhibit for all to see of the struggles, trials and tribulations of this time that some of us survived ... right next to Lindbergh’s plane.

For all who read these letters, glad to get through it with you!



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