Forum, July 9: Garish coverage of Woodlands firing

Published: 7/9/2019 9:35:07 AM
Garish coverage of Woodlands firing

As a subscriber to the Valley News, I was dismayed by the newspaper’s coverage of the termination of Timothy Martin, the former administrator of The Woodlands (“Woodlands Administrator Fired for ‘Unprofessional Conduct,’ Feb. 17, 2018).

To place such an article on the front page is what one would expect from the National Enquirer and other such rags, and the Valley News relegates itself to the same level as those papers in doing so. In the process, it has helped destroy Martin’s career and his ability to find employment in his field of expertise.

I can personally attest to Martin’s care and concern, for I am the “aged veteran” that the estimable Harvey Bazarian referred to in his recent Forum letter (“Ex-administrator was crucified by improper publicity,” June 20).

Martin’s concern, support and kindness during my monthlong stay in the rehab unit at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital was far above and beyond the call of duty.

He found time from his regular duties at The Woodlands to visit, counsel, facilitate and ensure that I was recovering satisfactorily and my needs were being met.

It is a pity that such an able, highly qualified and caring professional should be disqualified from working in his field of endeavor thanks to the cruel and thoughtless treatment he received from the Valley News, The Woodlands and APD over a situation that certainly did not merit such garish coverage. Being touchy-feely is far removed from rape and assault, but it seems your paper and APD could not discern the difference. Shame on you.


West Lebanon

Not a single person stopped to help

On July 2, at approximately 6:20 a.m., my granddaughter was driving on Interstate 89 near Exit 20 when she experienced a flat tire. She was on her way to Colchester, Vt., to report for duty with the Vermont National Guard.

She was in full military uniform as she struggled to change the tire.

I wonder how many vehicles passed this young female soldier. Not one single person stopped to offer her assistance. Not one.

She, and all the other members of the military, obviously hold themselves to a higher standard than the general population. While everyone who passed her that morning as she struggled on the interstate didn’t feel she was worthy of assistance, isn’t it amazing that she felt all of you were worthy of her deployment to Afghanistan?


West Hartford

Thank Cryans for his leadership

Executive Councilor Michael Cryans has taken a public stand on the question of whether to confirm Attorney General Gordon MacDonald as chief justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court. He has rightly questioned MacDonald’s fitness as one who has no prior judicial experience, has an extensive history as a political operative, has worked to oppose the right of women to make reproductive decisions, chose not to join other states in defense of the Affordable Care Act, and supported other efforts to disadvantage those of lower income.

This is the governor’s third nomination to the Supreme Court of someone with no prior judicial experience — this time for chief justice. Why not nominate someone with experience and a track record by which to evaluate their judicial thinking?

Cryans deserves thanks for standing up and offering leadership.


West Lebanon

Douglass and the mystery of ages

I presumed incorrectly the purpose of the small group gathered at Colburn Park last week as I heard the last words of Frederick Douglass’ speech: “The Celestial Empire, the mystery of ages, is being solved. The fiat of the Almighty, ‘Let there be Light,’ has not yet spent its force. No abuse, no outrage ... can now hide itself from the all-pervading light.”

That great “mystery of ages” of which Douglass had become so well acquainted, the “Almighty,” whose knowledge of evil and good extends far beyond our own, granted him an understanding how blessed are those who are forgiven. This brave man had a knowledge of what it meant to be a Christian who is transformed morally, motivationally and mentally so what is believed to be true is acted upon.

There is an equality the Bible speaks of that has always produced differing responses in folks: All have sinned, none are righteous; no, not one. That marvelous God-controlled perspective Douglass had gave him a judgment of himself and others not blinded by the prejudicial perspective and cruel treatment he received from those God called for him to love, like himself who were, “By nature rebels against His government and must repent of their sins and be reconciled to God through Christ.”

I, like Douglass, am “a wretch saved by grace.” It is easier to lean on my own faculties of understanding, but to trust in the Lord with all my heart requires a sober opinion of me, God and neighbor so I genuinely love my neighbor as myself. God is not indifferent despite what may seem otherwise. God’s love extends to those I do not naturally love. God chose his son, Jesus, to lay aside far more than I could ever realize in coming to this world in such obscurity, knowing he would face all he did in perfecting his justice, in love, even for those who call what God calls “evil” good, and who call what God calls “good,” evil.




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