Forum, July 7: Grafton Pond needs everyone’s awareness and cooperation

Published: 7/6/2019 10:00:06 PM
Grafton Pond needs everyone’s awareness and cooperation

Over the years, Grafton Pond has become extraordinarily busy. Everyone confidently makes a different claim asserting why. Regardless, locals often can’t be bothered to go anymore, which is a shame. Overuse may be of real concern, but for now everyone seems to want to confirm for themselves that the loons are not being harassed.

The road to the Grafton Pond Dam is a public through-road with traffic. Congestion at the boat launch can halt traffic flow, delay emergency vehicles and make using the pond a challenge.

The town of Grafton has made an effort this summer to improve the signage to a level that is difficult to misinterpret. Overflow roadside parking is clearly designated. The “no parking” areas as signed are crucial to allow oncoming traffic to negotiate narrow spaces, and to provide safe visibility. Please don’t get greedy. “It’ll only take five minutes” is not a valid justification to block the road when 100 cars turn five minutes into all day. I know of no other road where it is regularly deemed appropriate to stop and plop a kayak in the middle of the lane. Please be courteous and set a good example.

Part of the boat launch does not require driving down the ramp. It will help immensely to save it for loading boats. Temporarily double-parking in the lot to load is also excellent.

Coarse stone that will not wash out has been put on the boat ramp. All-wheel-drive and front-wheel-drive cars do just fine on it. I have seen a Camry pull a boat trailer out without slipping. The boat ramp’s undoing will be four-wheel-drive trucks that wait to start churning before putting it in 4WD. Regardless, the stone on the ramp is not going to pop any tires. There is lawn just to either side if you don’t want to scrape your feet or your hull.

Basically, a bit of cooperation and awareness can keep this area from being an absurd situation. Don’t be afraid to politely point out signs to people who are too focused on recreating to notice.



Vote them out

Every time we enact sanctions on another country, all other countries suffer. This is why we have a migration of immigrants from Central America trying to get into this country, so to make or have a better life for their families.

Our oil companies can’t bully Argentina out of its oil, so their poor and sick suffer. I would like to know just how much our oil and gas companies paid in taxes for the last five years. Remember, we the taxpayers gave them $3 billion dollars to drill and extract this oil.

Look at the mess at our border, children separated from their mothers and fathers and put into compounds where you wouldn’t put your dog or cat. Where are all these so-called church groups? Why haven’t they screamed bloody murder? I guess they bleat and blat only in the election years to keep their tax exemption.

Vote the loud-mouthed bully along with his spineless friends in Congress out of office. Get rid of this trash who think the world revolves around them and their hypocrite families.



Sickened and shamed by camps

As is true of virtually everyone, our “concentration camps” for migrant children on the southern border leave me sickened and angry.

Far more than incompetent, President Donald Trump once again shames us all in the eyes of the world, and in those of whatever higher powers there may be.



Blame Congress for migrant crisis

There has been a constant flow of articles and letters in the Valley News for months over the separation of children at the border from their “parents.” Yet, I have not read anything about the fact that this has been going on since the 1990s, when — guess what? — Clinton was president, and has continued to the present day.

Yes, it occurred during the Obama administration, but let’s just blame the current administration rather than the real culprits: your senators and representatives.

The Trump administration has challenged Congress to fix the problem by cleaning up a mishmash of laws, rules and regulations that have and do cause the current issues at the border, the most confusing of which is the Flores consent decree of 1997.

You can waste your time writing letters to newspapers to release your frustration, but your ink would be put to better use writing to your members of Congress.



Irony of ironies

Does anyone else find this situation beyond ironic? There now exists a 70-foot hole in the hallowed green ground of Dartmouth College, intended to hold a parking garage for 340 cars and the foundation of a new $200 million, 160,000-square-foot building (“Hole lot of trouble,” June 28).

These numbers are significant, and not off by even a “smidgen.”

What is off is that the building is to house the new Center for Engineering and Computer Science, where prestigious engineers will be trained to be exact — but the whole kit and caboodle is now on hold as this significant hole has been dug 10 feet further south than intended.


New London


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