Forum, July 4: As we celebrate our independence, we must remember their sacrifice

Published: 7/3/2019 10:00:12 PM
As we celebrate our independence, we must remember their sacrifice

As we celebrate our independence this week, let us remember those who fought to keep our country free and those who serve to keep us safe — here at home and throughout the world. We owe so much to those men and women who sacrifice every day on our behalf.

All of us at Friends of Veterans wish to thank our sponsors, donors and participants for supporting our seventh annual fundraiser and making this year’s event another major success. It is through these efforts that our all-volunteer organization has been able to provide more than $100,000 in financial assistance to veterans and their families throughout New Hampshire and Vermont for two successive years.

We believe in our country and serve reverence to our flag every day of the year.



The writer is president of Friends of Veterans.

The attacks on Mike Cryans are dishonest

Upon his announcement that he plans to vote against New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald’s nomination to be the state’s next Supreme Court Chief Justice, Executive Councilor Mike Cryans was the target of a number of attacks, including from Gov. Chris Sununu. The governor accused Cryans of engaging in “Washington-style politics” and asserted that Cryans “owes an apology to every single one of his North Country constituents for this shameful and blatantly partisan vote.”

As one of Cryans’ constituents, I know I speak for myself and many others when I say that he doesn’t owe us an apology.

Cryans has the heart, courage and integrity of a public servant. He is a good, decent and honest man who gave MacDonald a fair shake, listened to what he had to say, and made up his mind after hearing from constituents and upon careful consideration of the attorney general’s credentials.

Cryans has spent his life in selfless service to the North Country and many of us have benefited from his leadership and friendship — he embodies the North Country spirit of cooperation, humility and nonpartisanship in all that he does.

Many of the attacks on Cryans are dishonest and are a sign of the political times we’re in, but we in the North Country know him, support him and thank him for his work on our behalf.


Landaff, N.H.

The writer represents Grafton District 15 in the New Hampshire House.

It’s Gov. Sununu who is politicizing the Supreme Court

In reference to New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu’s comment about Republicans on the Executive Council: Ray Burton was there for 38 years and yes, he was a Republican — mostly. He worked tirelessly for the good of the state, no matter the party affiliation, and he would be appalled at the governor’s nominee for chief justice of the Supreme Court.

It is the governor who wants to politicize the court.

Appointing someone with no experience on the bench is a really, really bad idea. Cheers to Executive Councilor Mike Cryans for following in Burton’s footsteps to get an appropriate candidate for chief justice — someone with experience as a judge.



Mike Cryans did his homework

New Hampshire citizens are fortunate to be represented on the Executive Council by thoughtful individuals like Mike Cryans, who has shown us why his legendary mentor, Ray Burton, thought so highly of him.

Recognizing the long-term impact of naming Gordon MacDonald chief justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court, Cryans did his homework by going to his district to hear the opinions of his constituents about the appointment, did his own research, looked beyond the confines of the court, and asked the right questions. The result is that Cryans will not support MacDonald’s nomination. It was a difficult decision for him to make, but it shows that our democratic system can handle intense partisanship. I commend Cryans.


Easton, N.H.

Cryans correct to oppose MacDonald nomination

I strongly support Executive Councilor Mike Cryans’ decision to oppose Gov. Chris Sununu’s nomination of Attorney General Gordon MacDonald to be chief justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Cryans’ decision directly reflects the conscience of his constituents, especially the Democratic majority that elected him last November.

We have seen the important role that the high courts play at both the federal and state levels in critical decisions that effect our democracy and our rights. MacDonald’s stances on issues such as abortion rights and voting rights disqualify him for this important appointment.

I thank Cryans for taking the time to reach out to his communities and for talking directly with the voters about our views on this appointment. He has made the correct choice.


Lyman, N.H.

Two women and a legacy of giving

On a recent Friday evening, I attended a retirement party for a woman who has cared for thousands of people over her 39-year career as a family physician. Along the way, she has also been a dedicated wife, mother, potter and revolutionary.

The next morning, I attended a memorial service for a woman who raised five daughters with her husband, waited tables in a local cafe, served numerous terms on her local school board and, additionally, had a nursing career and lovingly cared for many hospitalized patients.

In less than 24 hours, I heard speaker after speaker detail how these remarkable women had such a positive impact on so many lives. The recurring theme at both occasions was love. The legacies left by their tireless and consistent love for everyone they met and everything they did should be an inspiration for all of us.

As I left the memorial service I saw a bumper sticker that read, “The More You Know the Less You Need.”

Yes. Giving is actually what it’s all about.




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