Forum, July 30: Thanks to Windsor’s Outgoing Town Clerk

Sunday, July 29, 2018
Thanks to Windsor’s Outgoing Town Clerk

The recent news that the Windsor town clerk will soon resign should cause concern to all who have benefited from receiving high-quality town clerk service in Windsor (“Windsor Town Clerk Announces Plan to Resign Position in August,” July 21). After Sandra Micka resigns, we may experience changes or problems in processing, accessing and archiving important and essential public records, vital certificates, licenses and petitions, and the supervision of elections. Micka has fulfilled these responsibilities with competence, efficiency and transparency, all delivered with a very friendly and positive demeanor. It may be difficult to find another town clerk quickly who can provide comparable high standards of public service to Windsor as did Micka for many years.

It might have been better for Windsor if more members of the Windsor community had shown up to support Micka at public meetings as she testified and presented town finance data to demonstrate the gender bias and wage inequality she and other women experienced in Windsor. Her requests for wage equity and gender equality were ignored by those with authority to right the wrong.

I recalled the words of a candidate outside the polls at the last Town Meeting who promised to be a representative for women on the Selectboard. It sounded good in March; today it’s still unfulfilled.

Sometimes we don’t know what we’ve got until it’s gone. Thank you, Sandra Micka, for being a champion for Windsor as our dedicated town clerk.

Michael T. Quinn


Two of the Leaders We Need Right Now

What concerns me most is that, while U.S. democracy has been in gradual decline for some years as economic injustice has multiplied exponentially, the election of a wealthy and dishonest president exhibiting autocratic preferences has greatly increased the threat to our democracy — even a life-or-death challenge to our country.

We now face the urgent need to re-establish the democracy embedded in our Constitution, and additionally, to strengthen it to the point that we consider every member of our society a valuable person, and enable all to develop an increased understanding of the world around them and enhance their potential to act within it to create a healthy culture and planet for the future.

A true democracy is incredibly important to our long-term development because, at its heart, democracy contains the enabling seeds needed for technical innovation, art and social progress. By inviting the participation of every living individual, democracy maximizes the ability to develop educational and financial infrastructures that enable development of caring and stable communities along with creative innovation to meet future local and global needs.

With hope, these changes can be made without major disruptions similar to the Great Depression or World War II that resulted in productive change. But to avoid major disruptions, we desperately need to elect U.S. Senate and House candidates who forcefully stand for policies that address the issues being addressed by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and congressional candidate Dan Freilich. Freilich has not accepted campaign funds from corporations, political action committees or other organizations. Money from these organizations is directly corrupting our government and is one of the greatest barriers to true democracy. Even worse, our current political system not only allows this corruption, it almost requires it for candidates to survive. Terrible.

The policy positions put forward by these two candidates will not be accomplished overnight. But there must be a beginning. Both are very intelligent, articulate, quick-thinking and definitely much-needed leaders.

Charles McKenna


In Hanover, Lawn Care Goes Low-Emission

Who knew a bunch of ragtag “Green Reepers” and people-powered-lawn-mowing enthusiasts would win first prize at Hanover’s Fourth of July parade? Thank you to White River Toyota for the $500 prize, which will go directly into our town’s “Ready for 100 Percent Clean Energy” initiative through the Sustainable Hanover Committee.

We are also most grateful to Hanover Hardware and the Sustainable Hanover Committee for underwriting the electric weed wacker and leaf blower set for our raffle. Thanks, too, to the Hanover Rotary Club, which supports the parade.

Between Abbe, who led our group driving Dartmouth College’s Big Green Mower, and the numerous community members who pushed electric mowers and reel mowers, and others who carried scythes and electric leaf blowers, we had a wonderful turnout. By the end of the day, more than 50 people visited our tent, participated in an “Electric Lawn Care Jeopardy” game and put their names in for the raffle. In the coming weeks, we will post more information about the many emissions-free and low-emissions lawn care options now available. Next year, we might even have a robotic lawn mower in our brigade. To learn more, please visit www.gettingreadyfor100.com. Many thanks to all who participated!

Barbara Callaway, Lyn Miller, Sarah Young and Rebecca Pacquette

Hanover Neighborhood Action Group