Forum, July 3: We May Regret NewVistas’ Demise

Monday, July 02, 2018
We May Regret NewVistas’ Demise 

Thanks to Kevin Ellis for his forward-looking op-edit piece about the way in which David Hall was chased out of Vermont by opponents of his NewVistas proposal.

While I support and applaud the demise of the development proposed for I-89’s Exit 4  as being out of step with the current use pattern, NewVistas looked much further ahead.

A much different landscape should be considered for the Vermont of the 22nd century when, given our leaders’ refusal to even acknowledge the impending effects of climate change, upward of 12 million people along the East Coast will be looking for a place to live.

A well-designed clustered, self-sufficient, zero-energy development will look pretty desirable then.

Frank B. Lamson

South Royalton

Ignorance Combined With Immorality

Can anyone now doubt that a psychopath sits in the Oval Office of our White House? Sanctioning people being kept in cages and tearing children, infants and toddlers from their parent’s arms to please his base? Calling human beings fleeing violence and death in their homeland “vermin”? Using words like “infestation” for human beings seeking asylum? Building secret camps to house babies?

How can any American support such hatred and disgusting behavior? What’s next? Gas chambers and ovens to accomplish his goals? Dismantling our Statue of Liberty?

President Donald Trump is a consummate liar and traitor to this great, compassionate country. He is a master manipulator with a desire to get rid of our Constitution and become our first U.S. dictator. He and his base support the likes of Adolf Hitler and his murderous thugs. Hitler dehumanized Jews, convincing his base that Jews were evil and the cause of Germany’s problems. Trump and his base of KKK and white supremacists blames and dehumanizes anyone who opposes them and his cockamamie administration of ignorant, immoral fools.

Jackie Smith


Kim, Putin Are Not Our Allies

I take issue with Anna Henderson’s comment in her Forum letter (“A World Turned Upside Down,” June 22), in which she wrote, “We will ally ourselves with oligarchical, fascist and dictatorial governments.” What evidence is there of that? From merely a conversation between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un or between Trump and Vladimir Putin? Neither dictator is yet our ally.

However, to ally with someone of their ilk would not be setting precedent. We will remember the conferences that took place during World War II in Yalta, where President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin met. And later a conference was held in Potsdam, Germany, between President Truman, Churchill and, again, Stalin. Both conferences were about doing away with Adolph Hitler and ending the war. Stalin, at those conferences, became our ally whether we liked it or not. Millions of people starved to death in the Ukraine due to Stalin’s horrendous politics. Stalin murdered 17 of own his generals. Stalin stood as one of the world’s most vicious and ruthless murderers, yet we allied with him. Why? Simple. Because we had to.

Bob Cattabriga

West Lebanon

Isn’t It Ironic?

Our president has recently been railing against what he says is an immigration policy of “catch and release.” He says this routinely returns lawbreakers to the streets and decreases our collective safety and national security.

I find it ironic, and just as threatening to our collective safety, that he suggests a similar policy, through an unfettered use of presidential pardons, for his friends, business associates and electoral allies who have pleaded guilty, been indicted or are under investigation for lying to federal authorities, witness tampering, illegal business practices or even for collusion with enemies of the state (also known as treason).

He frequently decries how “unfairly” and unjustly his friends and associates have been treated. I wish his passion for fairness and justice extended beyond those in his limited circle.

Paul Etkind