Forum, July 29: Articles Violated Aquatic Center Donor’s Privacy

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Articles Violated UVAC Donor’s Privacy

What was your intent in revealing the identity of the anonymous Upper Valley Aquatic Center donor (“Family’s Generosity Makes It Possible,” July 15)? The overall tone and content of the articles insinuate that the donor is responsible for the problems facing Hartford’s aging pool. Speculations regarding the donor’s wealth imply that she benefits in some personal way or may have even darker motivation.

As a longtime friend of the donor, I know that her motives center solely on benefiting the community. Her desire for privacy, which you violated for no apparent reason, was based on a modesty I doubt the writer of the articles can understand or appreciate. Furthermore, your “exposé” discourages other civic-minded individuals who insist on anonymity from donating to local causes.

Vickie Herzberg


A Lack of Tolerance is the Obstacle

After 18 months of reading Forum letters, I reached a point where I needed to submit one of my own. The final straw was “Why ‘Elites’ Disdain Trump Backers” (July 16). The writer proclaimed intellectual and moral superiority over nearly 63 million of his fellow citizens — Trump supporters. The letter was a consummate example of Sydney Harris’ insightful adage, “Intolerance is the most socially acceptable form of egotism, for it permits us to assume superiority without personal boasting.”

Regardless of how individuals cast their votes in the November 2016 election, that process is over. It is incumbent on all of us to move forward, to understand the fabric of our nation is woven from myriad threads. Can each of us make an effort to listen, though we might not agree? To be courteous and respectful, though we might become vexed? To accept our differences, though we might be uncomfortable with them? After all, “Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.” Gandhi’s sentiment has particular resonance given current circumstances.

Many notable figures in modern history have pointed to our lack of tolerance as humanity’s greatest obstacle. Rather than painting others with a broad, disparaging brush, perhaps the challenge is to begin the dialogue with a long look in the mirror.

Marcy Marceau


Windsor’s Town Clerk Will Be Missed

I was saddened to read of Sandra Micka’s resignation as Windsor town clerk (“Windsor Town Clerk Announces Plan to Resign Position in August,” July 21). The last few years have been difficult for her, but I would like to focus on her fine and devoted work in performing the duties of a town clerk over the last 18-plus years.

When you arrive at the clerk’s office, you are greeted with a smile and a helpful manner. Her many duties include recording and certifying public documents, administering oaths of office, running elections, maintaining grand lists and more. Over the years I have been fortunate to work with many of our elected town clerks, including Katherine Conlin, Gertrude McGuire and Gloria Tansey. It was Tansey who trained Micka before she began to carry on the fine tradition during her years of service.

Thank you again, Sandy!

Barbara G. Rhoad


Take Back Control of Vermont’s Schools

The political campaign season is here once again. Vermonters have another chance to make a much-needed course correction in the relationship we have with our state government. The forced school closures and mandated mergers involved with Act 46 are tyrannical. Local stakeholders should be determining if their rural schools should stay open or be closed. These decisions should never belong to Gov. Phil Scott, the Vermont Agency of Education or the current senatoprs from Windsor County who voted for Act 46.

Windsor County has three liberty-minded, Republican candidates running for the Vermont Senate. These three are dedicated to putting an end to the forced school mergers, school closures and the tyranny of Act 46. Please support and vote for Randy Gray, Jack Williams and Wayne Townsend. These good men will fight to return control of our public schools to local, democratically elected town school boards. The primary election is on Aug. 14. Please go to the polls and vote.

Stu Lindberg

Cavendish, Vt.

In Praise of Paper Ballots

Vote tampering is no joke and it is real. Electronic voting has always managed to give me heartburn. This does not need to be. Perhaps a slogan such as “Patriots Use Paper Ballets” could help persuade elected officials throughout our great country to ask themselves one simple question: Would the extra time needed to count ballots be worth our nation’s collective freedom?

Duncan Mackintosh


Newspaper’s Anti-Trump Slant Is Offensive

I live on the New Jersey shore, but have a second home in Claremont and am there about 60 days a year. I try to pick your newspaper up every day I’m in town, and have enjoyed the local news and local events. My question to you: How can you justify completely alienating about half of your potential readers? Your political slant is so disgustingly anti-Trump that I will not be buying your newspaper anymore. I’m in business here in New Jersey and I couldn’t imagine offending half of my potential customer base.

Scott Hartung


Why Gov. Sununu Signed HB 1264

I have figured out why New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu chose, in the end, to sign HB 1264, which makes it harder for citizens to vote when they first move to New Hampshire. Sununu knows that he has done nothing for the people he serves, and he is terrified to face voters who don’t recognize his famous last name.

Ellen Rockmore