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Forum, July 27: I will work for the well-being of the Hartford community

Published: 7/26/2021 10:00:07 PM
Modified: 7/26/2021 10:00:11 PM
I will work for the well-being of the Hartford community

I am running for the remainder of a two-year term on the Hartford Selectboard in the Aug. 10 special election.

Thirty years of teaching in public, private and parochial schools, fifth grade to college, with the majority of years at Hanover High School, has taught me the valuable asset of being a good listener, as well as an understanding of human nature. Teachers work not only with students, but also with administrators, colleagues and staff alongside concerned parents. Like Selectboard members, we are responsible and responsive to the public, even while enjoying our work.

Also, as a single parent of an adopted child, I have firsthand knowledge of the economic and time pressures that families face while raising a child. And I know how important affordable housing is to this community.

I have a particular interest in the diversity and inclusion goals of the town as my daughter, who is Asian and an American citizen since 6 months of age, has occasionally met with bias and discrimination. Yet she now volunteers for several community service projects while working at various jobs.

I believe service is essential to understanding the pulse of community. My experience serving on several boards and committees, as well as with the Peace Corps, has showed me that it takes teamwork to accomplish goals. I have been impressed with the way the current Selectboard works together with enthusiasm and professionalism.

The work that recently appointed Town Manager Tracy Yarlott-Davis has undertaken during a pandemic is worthy of support and applause.

While many issues confront the Selectboard, I am concerned with and praise the climate action plan. It is of the utmost importance that communities take on goals that not only benefit Vermont, but ensure that our young people and future generations inherit a healthy environment within which to live and work.

For these and other reasons, I would be proud to work for the well-being of the community I would serve.

Please vote on Aug. 10, or request an absentee ballot from the town clerk at 802-295-9353 soon.



Polarization isn’t bad in the battle between good and evil

The letter from Forum contributor Marvin Harrison, who was concerned about the polarization among American citizens because of their living within their own “respective media bubbles,” made a false equivalency when it compared the news output of the two television networks MSNBC and Fox (“We must get out of our respective media bubbles” July 9).

Yes, MSNBC has a bias toward liberal, democratic ideals of governance and the Democratic Party, which embraces such, while Fox touts autocratic, conservative opinions and presents only those who espouse them, all members of the Republican Party.

However, MSNBC is a real news outlet with legitimate journalists who adhere to codes of journalistic ethics, while Fox “News” is an entertainment station that constantly spreads lies, misinformation and grotesque exaggerations of current events without regard to ethics or truth.

I believe the anti-science misinformation that the entertainers on Fox and their guests have presented over the past 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the current public health crisis of denial about the disease and noncompliance with public health mandates to help control its spread, and to anti-vaccination attitudes and the deaths of many thousands of Americans.

Their similar denials about the human causes of the climate change disaster and its existential threat to the Earth and humanity are not only immoral but criminal.

During the 2016 presidential election, I observed mainstream news organizations such as NBC, ABC and PBS constantly making the error of presenting false equivalencies between the behavior and views of the two candidates in an attempt to prove a lack of bias, and this unfair coverage helped lead to the election of the Republican candidate, the monstrous con man Donald Trump.

There is nothing inherently bad about polarization when it represents the battle between truth and lies and good and evil, which is the battle the United States is currently engaged in with respect to the Democratic and Republican parties.


Newbury, Vt.

Definitely necessarily a human being

Forum contributor Anthony Stimson wrote in recently, labeling some people as “masterful,” “liberal,” “conservative” and “progressive,” and that one label was “necessarily a hypocrite” (“Liberal hypocrisy: It’s different,” July 23) Well, the news is out all over town that labeling people is hypocritical.

We all have a belly button. We’re all on a rock hurtling through space. There is no left, there is no right, there is no liberal, there is no conservative, there is no us and there is no them. There’s just people on our natural world.

Get over it. Treat everyone with respect. Not just the ones who agree with us. Like the big man in the movie The Green Mile, take all the negativity and evil and swallow it and never let it out in our world again.



True radicals recognize our responsibility to each other

As a longtime member of the Willem Lange fan club, I write to offer a special thank-you to him for this past week’s Yankee Notebook, in which he likened Noah, of biblical Ark fame, to environmentalists and other “climate change crackpots” (“Everyone thought Noah was a crackpot. Then it started to rain,” July 21). He quotes Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who asks us how recognizing climate change is considered by many to be radical, while today’s worldwide climate disasters are not.

Many of us are “buying local,” switching to hybrid or electric vehicles, powering our homes with solar energy, and reducing our reliance on products that increase global warming, but this is not enough. We must elect leaders who will take radical action, who will unite with world leaders to devise solutions that may be difficult but will address our responsibility to ourselves and future generations.

My only disagreement with Lange is in his conclusion.

He asserts that we Americans have proven ourselves to be incapable of reaching “intelligent, sensible solutions,” based on refusals by some of us to get vaccinated. I look at the vast majority of us who have gotten vaccinated, who take stock in scientific and medical research and not in social media, and who recognize our responsibility to one another, as a sign that we can act with intelligence and sensibility. We are the true radicals.



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