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Forum, Aug. 24: Support Muirhead for NH House

Published: 8/24/2020 11:40:13 AM
Modified: 8/24/2020 11:40:11 AM
Support for Muirhead for NH House

In the dark winter of 1776, Thomas Paine famously wrote of “the times that try men’s souls.” In moments of political crisis, the “summer soldier and the sunshine patriot” will “shrink from the service of their country,” but “he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

Russ Muirhead knows as well as anyone that these are dark days. As a candidate for state representative for Hanover-Lyme, he is standing up to serve New Hampshire and our country.

Russ grew up in Manchester, stuck around and is now the chair of the Government Department at Dartmouth. He bikes and skis, coaches youth baseball, and tinkers with his car’s engine. He’s a family man, a friend and teacher, and a joke-teller.

But he is also a serious scholar who has devoted his life to understanding politics. Last year, he published a powerful book about conspiracy allegations, about how they work by endlessly repeating fictions, and about how deeply they threaten democracy. Russ understands what’s happening as well as anyone, and he is determined to do his part to fight back.

Russ believes that voters should get to pick their representatives in real contests, and that representatives should not get to pick their voters through gerrymandering. That politicians should be responsive to people, not to people’s money. That every child deserves a fair shot through a real education. He believes that when our bodies fail in illness, society should ensure that our livelihoods are not destroyed as well. And that an honest day’s work deserves a fair minimum wage.

These are the policies Russ stands for. We need people in office to push for them and to hold the line against all those who put profits before people and hide behind lies. We need fighters like Russ who really understand what we are fighting against. In this very dark hour, good Americans like Russ Muirhead are taking a stand. And maybe with his help and the help of others like him, we may soon see the dawn.

David Lebow


Voting absentee is safe and reliable 

I’m an independent who has volunteered at the polls and just voted absentee this primary. Voting absentee stands as a safe and secure voting option.

Both prominent Republicans and Democrats are urging citizens to vote absentee. 

Voting absentee has been used as a secure voting option in numerous elections. The only difference is that the New Hampshire government currently allows anyone to vote absentee if they are concerned about COVID-19. Whatever your reason for voting absentee, it doesn’t impact the security of our election, which is why 34 states don’t require an excuse to vote from home.

Your tax refunds, social security checks and COVID-19 relief checks were all sent through the mail because it’s secure. 

Absentee voting requires you to request a ballot. If you haven’t registered yet, you can also register remotely by contacting your town clerk and meeting the same requirements as someone registering in-person. 

It’s important that you request your ballot early, sign all the necessary places, and send it in early to make sure your ballot gets counted on election day.

Vote absentee for a safe and secure election.

P.S. If you are truly concerned about the integrity of our elections like I am, tell your representatives and the governor to make our voter rolls more accurate by switching from the Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program — which incorrectly flags voters over 99% of the time — to the Electronic Registration Information Center — which more accurately flags duplicate voters and those who’ve moved or died.

Jared Cape

Whitefield, N.H.

The writer is a senior at Dartmouth College.

Prentiss brings groups together

I have known Sue Prentiss for over 20 years. During that time we have worked together in the back of an ambulance, in an emergency room and in meeting rooms addressing advances in New Hampshire’s EMS system. I have witnessed Sue’s ability to organize coalitions to address initiatives important to patients and fire-EMS workers. The members of these coalitions represented different groups with differing perspectives. Sue demonstrated the ability to listen, helped all at the table to be fairly heard and in the end, delivered results that benefited the public.

Two examples include building a system for pre-hospital care with equal treatments available for the ill and injured throughout the state as well as moving the state EMTs from a paper documentation process to an electronic system statewide, one of first five in the country. These advances have kept New Hampshire’s EMS system out on the leading edge in the best interests of patient care.

Sue has represented EMS in front of local and state legislative bodies. During the overhaul of the patient care treatment system, she worked closely with the state Legislature shepherding this bill through the twists and turns in the process. As a resident of the greater Upper Valley I have watched her apply the same skill set to her work as both a mayor and city councilor in Lebanon.

It is important to me that members of our state senate are results driven, represent all those they serve and remember who they work for. Sue has demonstrated the ability to do that before, she will do that again. I am pleased to support Sue Prentiss as our next State Senator in District 5.

Jeremy Thibeault


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