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Forum, July 21: CraftStudies’ new home is far from ‘temporary’

Published: 7/20/2021 10:00:00 PM
Modified: 7/20/2021 10:00:06 PM
CraftStudies’ new home is far from ‘temporary’

While the AVA Gallery and Art Center worked tirelessly to keep the Upper Valley arts scene active throughout the pandemic, it also served as an important reminder of how our arts organizations in the Upper Valley have stepped up to support each other through hard times. At many turns, CraftStudies looked to AVA Gallery and its board for advice and help. AVA never hesitated to offer time, ideas and open doors to our organization. When we chose to sell our building in Hanover, they offered us space. When we looked to create online classes, they offered to share equipment. Our arts community in the Upper Valley is certainly much stronger because of their leadership and generosity.

With this spirit of community in mind, it is important to clarify that CraftStudies’ new home in White River Junction is far from “temporary,” as it was referred to in AVA Gallery board Chair Alan DiStasio’s recent Forum letter (“AVA Gallery has operated throughout the pandemic,” July 14). We are very excited to become a permanent member of the White River Junction arts community and beyond. Local businesses and individuals have been welcoming and have expressed delight in the possibilities of having a revitalized, long-standing Upper Valley craft school in their midst.

As we move forward with plans to improve the building and site where we are now located, as well as expand our programming, we look forward to continuing to build upon the strong relationship we have established with the AVA Gallery, and to future opportunities for collaboration among the Upper Valley arts community.



The writer is a member of the CraftStudies board of directors.

Police must put the real criminals away

A group of thieves and druggies slither about the Sharon, South Royalton area, stealing and vandalizing, yet the police do nothing. Are they unable or unwilling to do something, or are they just plain discouraged at collaring the same criminals over and over, only to see them released?

Local residents know who these people are, and frustration is building. If they attend to the matter on their own, though, it’s they who are prosecuted. When will the law step up to protect and serve? We’ve had enough, and someone is going to get hurt. I guess it’s easier to wait for the victims to retaliate and arrest them than to put the real criminals away.



Biden, Harris program US for self-destruction

I’m one of the few who enjoys watching the credits roll at the end of a movie, acknowledging those whose talents made it possible. The “gaffer” is the electrician on a movie set, assisted by the “best boy.” I’m afraid President Joe Biden has given a new meaning to the title, because he’s a constant source of gaffes.

What are we to do about those endless gaffes? It’s tempting to use them for frivolous entertainment, but we’re talking about the chief executive of the leader of the free world here. Actually, America’s free world status is also debatable. With White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s upcoming departure, it’ll be interesting to see who replaces her to cover our president’s oral faux pas.

Vice President Kamala Harris is fast coming from behind with her own series of diplomatic missteps, most recently in Central America and Texas. It would be easy to conclude that the Biden-Harris administration is incessantly programming our nation for self-destruction, yet they congratulate themselves for their endless stream of “successes.”

If it weren’t for the media giving Biden and Harris a pass on their continuous stream of political and diplomatic miscues, the American people would be rightfully alarmed by the destructive maelstrom into which our nation is rapidly heading. Harris didn’t come within a country mile of the border in El Paso until she was shamed into doing it by the possibility of a border visit by former President Donald Trump.

On another subject, a recent Los Angeles Times editorial (“Reputation on the line,” June 22) urged Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer to “depoliticize” the court by retiring now so President Biden can replace him while Democrats control the White House and both houses of Congress, which they clearly may not after the 2022 midterms. That such a move could “depoliticize” the court affronts the common sense of any thinking person. The independence of the court, as has been demonstrated by some recent decisions, may be the only thing holding our republic together.



Opera North’s Summerfest 2021 is highly entertaining

We had the great pleasure of being in the audience for Opera North’s Summerfest 2021 on Saturday at the Blow-Me-Down Farm in Cornish. Of the four performances being offered this summer, we saw Havana Nights, which was absolutely outstanding — vocally, instrumentally and comedically. What a terrific way to spend an afternoon. We left in high spirits.

Opera North’s collaboration with Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park has resulted in a highly entertaining mix of unlikely disciplines at one of our own, beautiful, local national parks. If you can’t attend one of these performances this year, do yourself a favor and remember to get tickets in 2022.


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