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Forum, July 2: Thank, don’t disarm, police

Published: 7/1/2020 10:00:19 PM
Modified: 7/1/2020 10:00:11 PM
Thank, don’t disarm, police

As John Adams said, “facts are stubborn things.” And the media doesn’t let the facts get in front of a headline-grabbing story.

So here we are with calls to disarm the police, even though police shootings of unarmed individuals are rare nationwide, including in Vermont and New Hampshire. According to The Washington Post’s database, in the five years between 2015 and 2019 (the last full year for compiling such numbers), there were 11 fatal shootings by police in New Hampshire. Ten of those involved armed individuals, one of them involved an individual with a replica of a gun. None of them involved Black individuals.

In Vermont for the same time period, there were nine fatal shootings by police. Seven of those were armed individuals, one of them had a replica gun, and one was unarmed. None were Black.

Yet the media has ginned up the public to believe police are on a rampage, and especially on a rampage against Black men. The result is an emotional call to defund and disarm police.

The numbers simply don’t match the media hysteria. And comparing the United States to the United Kingdom is misleading because of U.K. gun ownership differences.

Instead of dispensing dumb ideas like disarming police, which would make police work more dangerous, we should be thanking police for the hard and dangerous job they do on behalf of the public.



Left planned this all along

I believe everything concerning the recent riots was prepared long ago and has nothing to do with the killing of George Floyd. And now the NASCAR noose? I believe this was totally fabricated so a car can display “Black Lives Matter” on it during a race.

It is as phony as little Greta Thunberg sailing her boat and receiving Time magazine’s Person of the Year award. It’s all pre-scripted. Nothing on the left happens by accident.

So the Democrats think this will defeat President Donald Trump? Dream on. The real people in this country will rise up and throw these governors and mayors out.

I personally laugh at the cities burning. I hate cities. And these terrorists think the businesses will rebuild? No way. They will relocate to a white, gated community where they are safe.


Lyme Center

Consider milfoil alternatives

I saw that the Quechee Lakes Landowners Association is seeking approval to spread herbicides in Lake Pinneo to eradicate milfoil (“A plant problem at Lake Pinneo,” June 25). As people swim and eat fish out of there, is this really a safe decision?

How many tons of fertilizer have been dumped onto the golf course and surrounding areas? Less lawn fertilizers and conditioners “may” be a way to go? I don’t pretend to know all the details or answers, but one thing is quite clear: American waterways are being trashed and filled with our cesspool of antibiotics, runoff, etc.

Please consider alternative ways to contain milfoil rather than poisoning our children, fish and beyond.


White River Junction

App turns weeds into friends

Gardeners, and all you with brown thumbs, I have discovered the perfect way to get rid of weeds. Place an app on your phone called Picture This. Now, point your camera at the offending “weed,” take its picture, and the app will tell you its name, its description and many other interesting and useful things about it.

Now I no longer have weeds anymore. I’m surrounded by plants with the most amazing names. Who knew that what I was about to pull up were called enchanter’s nightshade, witch’s moneybags, coolwort, wormseed mustard, aizoon stonecrop (because it grows out of stones), St. John’s wort, beggar’s lice (so called because the seeds are very sticky and hard to get out of clothing and fur), crown vetch, goldenrod, sheep sorrel, bishop’s goutweed, and many more yet to explore.

So, no more weeding for me. I’m among friends.



Anti-maskers should bare all

Anti-maskers are claiming that being advised or required to wear a mask during the pandemic infringes upon their personal freedoms. Why aren’t they protesting against anti-nudity laws?

Clothing covers a much larger portion of the human body than a simple mask, and there are laws requiring that it be worn in public. If anti-maskers are defiantly turning the act of not wearing a mask into a political statement, shouldn’t their slogan be, “A true patriot is a nude patriot”?



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