Forum, July 2: Here are 2 chances to get out and run

Published: 7/1/2019 10:00:08 PM
Here are 2 chances to get out and run

Get up off the couch and run a 5K. Two beginner or returning adult running opportunities welcome you.

“Couch to 5 Kilometer” runners will graduate July 4 in Lebanon’s “Red White and Blue 5K.” These proud athletes have been training for months under the cheerful guidance of Upper Valley Running Club coaches. Over the past three years, the personal success of “C5K” runners has been impressive. Everyone has new friends and is healthier and happier. Many participants are age group winners on the podium. Being over 60, 70 or 80 helps. Contact the UVRC now ( and consider joining the next C5K class.

Woodstock’s “Parkrun” started this summer. Around the globe at 9 every Saturday morning thousands of fast, slow, competitive and social runners hit the parks for 5 kilometers of challenge and healthy exercise. It is free. The course through your Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park could not be more beautiful. It could be less hilly. Kids, strollers, dogs on leashes and walkers are welcome. Stroll back through the spectacular gardens following the race. Check out the listing in the Valley News Endurance Calendar and sign up at this link.



It’s a question of credibility

I have no expectation that you will publish this, but please free to do so if you wish. I feel compelled to advise someone at the Valley News of the reasoning behind my decision to allow my subscription to lapse.

The press, including the Valley News, has made much of President Donald Trump’s comment that the media are the “enemy of the people.” Of course, what they fail to consider is the context of that remark, which is that when the media employ untruths or half-truths to further what seems to be a political agenda they become an enemy, and I happen to agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment.

Some time ago, the Valley News reprinted a piece that originally appeared, as I recall, in The Washington Post. In that piece, the author stated that Trump called a group of white supremacists at the famed “Charlottesville” incident “fine people.” That is a blatant falsehood, as anyone who actually listened to the entirety of the president’s words would know.

While you might argue that the piece wasn’t penned by a Valley News writer, the fact remains that it appeared under your masthead, and thus is your responsibility. I am able to tolerate a press with some bias — after all, each of us has our opinions — but when one feels a need to publish a falsehood and call it “news,” one’s credibility disappears.

At this point, I think my money would be better spent on the National Enquirer.



A dereliction of their duty

While I am frustrated and angry that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has not begun the well-deserved impeachment proceedings in Congress against the current president of the United States, I understand her hesitation given that the Republicans in the Senate refuse to cooperate in removing this blight on our government.

Those Republicans are guilty of a dereliction of their duty to protect the Constitution and the nation by allowing the corruption and criminality of Donald Trump and his administration to continue unabated. His blatant obstruction of justice and their support of his and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s attempts to destroy our system of congressional oversight of presidential abuses of power will ruin the country if unchecked.

The stain on America from the Republican-led government for its inhumane treatment of asylum-seeking refugees will be with us forever, along with possible charges of crimes against humanity for Trump’s selling of weapons of war to the murderous regime of Saudi Arabia for its use against civilians in an immoral war with Yemen.

The deliberate dismantling of decades of environmental protections and dismissal of federal scientists and their replacement with political and corporate toadies is causing damage to the United States that there may not be time to repair given the increasing climate change crisis, which Trump and his puppets deny.

No wonder the suicide rate in our country is steadily rising and Americans rank low on international rates of happiness.


Newbury, Vt.

A surprising call from Kleen

I’d like to give a pat on the back to the woman who called from Kleen laundry service the other day. She wanted to let my family know that one of us had items at the plant to pick up. We thought they were gone forever, but not so.

We went to pick them up at one time in West Lebanon, but they had been returned to the main office. Because of the 45-mile trip to the main office, we never got back to pick them up. Oh, did I mention that the items were dropped off on Aug. 8, 2016? Almost three years and they made an effort to get the items back to us.

I’m sorry I didn’t get the woman’s name — I was too surprised and happy — but thank you.


Springfield, Vt.


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