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Forum, July 12: Stand with the flag and the pledge

Published: 7/11/2020 10:00:12 PM
Modified: 7/12/2020 1:47:44 PM
Stand with the flag and the pledge

I continue to be amazed at how many people find fault with both the American flag and the Pledge of Allegiance (“The Pledge on the Edge,” July 5) — the symbol of our country that stands for “liberty and justice for all.” What an amazing goal. If that were introduced today, it would most likely be considered brilliant. Who does not want to stand by a symbol that promotes liberty and justice for all? Isn’t that what the demonstrators have been shouting for in the streets?

For those on the Windsor Selectboard, stand with the flag and the pledge, not against it.

We have a great country, warts and all! We should be proud to be Americans, a country where we can express our opinion without worry of imprisonment. A country where we can work with our neighbors to promote change. A country where everyone gets a vote.

The Selectboard had it correct in 1993: Its members stood with the flag and the pledge.

If you have any doubt what the pledge stands for, say it to yourself and think about those words. If you do not know the words, look them up and consider, maybe you do not know them because they were not taught to you in school.

To say or not to say the pledge may seem like a small issue to some. As mentioned in Jim Kenyon’s column, some are upset by it and want it to be removed from the proceedings. Honestly people! Instead of removing it, we should be embracing it. Liberty and justice for all! Well, if we haven’t got it right yet, let’s keep trying.

It concerns me greatly that there is an anti-American tide in this country. Freedom is not free. If you do not stand up for it, you just might lose it. Be careful people.



Time for a new Pledge of Allegiance

In my opinion, as part of a much-needed reset of our national narratives, rituals and myths, the Pledge of Allegiance should be amended to read:

“I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and to the Republic that it created, one Nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

At the same time, we should ditch the bellicose Star-Spangled Banner in favor of America the Beautiful, after amending or dropping its second stanza.



The sincerity of Black Lives Matter movement is in question

The Black Lives Matter movement’s studied silence on the appallingly vast numbers of victims of Black-on-Black violence calls into question its members’ sincerity, as well as their lucidity. Ditto the antifa movement’s tolerance of fascism in its own ranks.

Western civilization’s decline and possible fall at the hands of the above and other dysfunctional mobs should come as no surprise, given centuries of the proliferation of those who, without its indulgence, would have proved literally unable to survive.

I’d urge the above to think again about the likelihood that such as they might build anything that would or could serve remotely as well as what they’re tearing down, but to think again it’s necessary to have thought in the first place.



Reparations are just reverse slavery

Nothing better highlights the intellectual wasteland that is Black Lives Matter than the call for reparations. Reparations are merely reverse slavery, or, if you like, disguised discrimination. BLM members will be bitterly surprised when they discover who is using them and for what purpose.



These are my choices?

So, which T-shirt do you want? “MAGA Loves the Black People” or “You Ain’t Black?”

No? Try “Vicious Dogs and Ominous Weapons” or “Shoot ’em in the Leg Instead of the Heart!”

Yeah, I know. The house is on fire, everything decent is in the hamper, just grab the least-stinky old schmatta you’ve got and run. But don’t insult my intelligence and tell me I’ve got some stunning fashion sense while I’m standing there with hives erupting and hoping the whole house doesn’t fall on my head and wearing something with rancid underarm stains.

People I trust tell me not to take it personally. You have to wear something, and the only other choice is crawling with cooties.

But I tell you, I just hate the smell, even if you say I have no choice. There isn’t enough deodorant in the world to make this election bearable. Just let’s admit it. Former Vice President Joe Biden was past his sell date when he was brand-new. He’s going to be our first Crypt Keeper president if he makes it that far, and you want me to be happy and relieved if he’s there grinning on Inauguration Day?

Respect my intelligence a little bit more than that.



We need to get serious about virus

It is time to get serious and start to emphasize defeating the new coronavirus more than reopening the economy. We are getting beat by this and we should be on an emergency footing, like during wartime. Don’t let Vermont’s guard down and turn into California and the like. Please be more outspoken for Vermont and the country.



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