Forum, July 11: Headline misrepresented Tulsi Gabbard’s response

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Headline misrepresented Tulsi Gabbard’s response

I now know how politicians feel when dealing with the news media.

I attended a recent meet-and-greet with presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii. I really like her for her grit and determination, as well as her independent streak on major issues.

During the Q&A session, I asked her to reconsider her stance on gun control, the most benign of any Democratic candidate, and to not make it a deal-breaker issue. She fielded the question well and responded well. At no time was she pushing gun control policies, as depicted in the headline (“Gabbard pushes climate change, gun control policies,” July 6), as I believe this is a low-priority issue for her.



Leave Donald Trump out of it

Monday’s front page had an Associated Press photograph showing Megan Rapinoe celebrating the U.S. win in the Women’s World Cup final. The photo’s headline, “Great Again,” was ironic, insidious and disturbing. I don’t want President Donald Trump associated with this terrific victory. I imagine Megan Rapinoe doesn’t, either.

Peggy Richardson


Playing an important role

I was reading the Miami Herald story on Monday and it reminded me how very important the press is to our republic (“Financier faces sex-trafficking charges,” July 8).

Staff members of the Miami Herald had to dig hard for the information about this miscarriage of justice. I don’t always agree with the Valley News (or The Washington Post, where you get many of your stories), but I just want to thank the Herald and the Valley News staff and say you are important and the job you do is very important. Courage.


West Lebanon


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