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Forum, Jan. 3: My Cause Is the Climate Crisis

Published: 1/2/2019 10:00:05 PM
Modified: 1/2/2019 10:00:14 PM
My Cause Is the Climate Crisis

Here I allocate a bit of Paul Tierney’s thunder (“Speak Up to Sustain Hope,” Dec. 24), and “invite all to raise their voices (or computers, as the case may be) to protest these inhumane, immoral and disgusting policies.” I want to highlight the most existential: I pledge to march in my yellow safety vest, past the Hartford Town Hall, to the public library in West Lebanon, every workday that I am able. I’ll do so to protest the politicians who drag their feet on progressive legislation and the fat cats who fund obstacles against such progress.

My cause is the climate crisis, since spaceship Earth is nearing Game Over (unless we address repairs now, starting with Individual 1 and his toadies). I regret not having thought of this response sooner, but I thank Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, who inspired me with her weekly school strikes, and the French yellow vest movement, for its safety iconography.

I’ve been walking this route daily for years, so I know it’s sustainable. I start at my house near the Advance Transit kiosk by the Haven at 9:30 a.m., arriving at the Kilton Public Library 10 or 15 minutes before it opens. On inclement days, I ride the green bus. I welcome everyone to do the same, and I’ll match my gait and schedule to benefit any fellow travelers. I hope some people will organize other local actions for climate justice, at different times and places, in order to generate wider coverage.

Perhaps if this catches on we could commandeer one of the library’s meeting rooms for plotting further action. Meanwhile, I’ve made a placard — “Tell your Reps: Climate Crisis is Top Priority!” — to wave at traffic along my hike. Other plans include bringing my trombone to serenade the masses with patriotic songs, once the weather warms. Certainly the weather will warm: There are seasonal causes for such a change, and also climatic ones.

Kevin McEvoy Leveret

White River Junction

Remember Those Who Bring Joy

Thank you for making my day after Christmas a good one. The picture of Jim and Sue Fitch, of Cornish, made me realize there are people out there who are loving, kind and always bring joy into everyone’s lives (“Lebanon Christmas Dinner Brings Community Together,” Dec. 26). We need to remember this all year long.

Cindy Towle


Bugged by a Modified Flag

In Florida, they have these cockroaches that the locals euphemistically call “palmetto bugs.” At first, they come out only at night. You’ll turn on a light and there they are, scuttling for cover across the floor. Before long they begin breeding, and not too long after that, are seen in daylight. Most disconcerting of all, you discover they can fly. By then, it’s time to call pest control.

A year or two ago, I began to see these black-and-white American flags with one blue stripe down the middle. At first, they would appear inside garages — like during garage or yard sales. Soon after, they would appear on a pole jutting out from the side of a house. Curious, I eventually asked a homeowner with one such flag what its significance was. Her response was: “police unity.” Well, since any modification of the flag could be considered a desecration, her response didn’t make me at all comfortable. Aren’t police Americans, like the people they are sworn to protect?

In the intervening time, I’ve begun to see more of them. They’re more common in daytime, too.

Recently, while driving through pre-Christmas traffic, I was passed by a pickup truck displaying two flags — on the left was the now-familiar modified “American flag” with a blue line and white stars and alternating black and white stripes against a black background. On the right was a similarly modified Confederate battle flag: black background with white stars and bars. It also had a blue line down the middle.

Not one to overemphasize the undefined, these sightings nonetheless make me wonder if the sudden proliferation of these symbolic references to an alternative version of American values isn’t directly tied to the outcome of the most recent presidential election.

Ralph Epifanio


Bravo for ‘Year in Photos’

We have been a subscriber to the Valley News for 40 years. I would like to comment on the feature, “The Year in Photos.” I look forward to each story and find them well-written, concise and interesting. Being on varied topics, they grab your interest.

Thank you for these articles, and I hope they will continue.

Madeline Eck

White River Junction

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