Forum, Jan. 1: Nation’s nurse practitioners are leading by example

Published: 12/31/2021 10:00:33 PM
Modified: 12/31/2021 10:00:05 PM
Nation’s nurse practitioners are leading by example

I want all health care workers, volunteers and communities to know, we see you. We see you stepping up when you don’t know where the next step is.

We see you holding your heads high despite the pile of rubble heaped atop of you. We see you giving every last bit of energy when you don’t feel you have any left to give. We see you continuing to fight this treacherous COVID-19 war despite the never-ending battles.

It is a challenging world to be a part of, and every single person is feeling the effects.

As a nurse practitioner by training, mother by choice and health care leader by privilege, I want to recognize the nation’s 290,000 nurse practitioners working across all health care settings who continue to step up, lead by example, and volunteer their time and energy into taking care of others in a time of desperation. This act of selflessness comes with the known consequences of taking time away from one’s personal life, family and self-care.

I cannot adequately urge each of you to check in with yourself regularly. Make sure you are working to learn new healthy coping skills, as we continue to realize that some of our prior coping skills may no longer be viable options. Please take time to check in with a friend, colleague or stranger. Always offer kindness.

Nurse practitioners continue to be critical in educating, vaccinating, and caring for patient populations across New Hampshire and our country. The New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association continues to stand with nurse practitioners and all health care providers through this pandemic.

I also request that the community join us in supporting our health care champions, as we continue to do our very best to support our patients, care partners and communities.



The writer is president of the New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association board.

What? No fistfights in the frozen food aisle?

Inside the entrance at the Lebanon Co-op Food Store I encountered a list of “rules” for behavior within the store. I can’t attest to the accuracy of my memory, but as I recall, there were 10. Most of the rules were fairly innocuous, but a few have stuck in my mind.

For one, customers are not allowed to attack Co-op staff. I would have thought that would just be common sense. I’d think twice before attacking a butcher. They are well-armed with an arsenal of sharp knives. Moreover, they look like a bunch who can take care of themselves. The deli, I judge, is an equally risky force against which to launch an attack. They not only have knives, but large forks as well. Even the florist has shears capable of removing a hand or limb. On the other hand, the people at the checkout lines might be vulnerable.

Another “rule” instructs me not to curse at my fellow customers. Not even the woman who momentarily blocks an aisle with her cart? She is certainly worthy of harsh invective, I should think. And what about that child blocking my path to the cottage cheese? Isn’t that child deserving of an instructive curse, not to mention a kick in the keister?

I learned, also, that I should not take photos of customers, especially the ones in their native costumes whose skin color is different from mine. How can that be? Is that not the reason God put these people on Earth?

Another rule, the one about not fighting, really surprised me. Who doesn’t enjoy a pitched battle in aisle five?

I fear that, in the name of “human decency,” the Co-op is taking all the fun out of shopping. I suggest management rethink its draconian customer behavior policies.

Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to everyone — including those Grinches at the Co-op.



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