Forum, Jan. 12: We Are Accomplices, Not Victims

Thursday, January 11, 2018
We Are Accomplices, Not Victims

Many writers seem convinced that the Democrats are the good guys and Republicans the bad guys. But realistically, there are no good guys.

Washington, D.C., is a large-scale, racketeer-influenced corrupt organization — RICO, for short. The party system is organized crime. They’re not exactly what I would call public servants.

What we have here is a bipartisan, political, economic, social, slow-motion train wreck. Train wrecks can be cleaned up, and this one will be, too. It’s not the end of the world, but there’s no point in pretending that the political parties — the gangs of Washington, protectors of kleptocracy — will prevent the wreckage. They are a train wreck.

George Orwell once wrote that “a people who elect corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.”

Neil Meliment


Tax Plan Is Worth Crying Over

This is in response to Doug Tuthill’s letter, “Stop Crying About The Tax Plan (Jan. 7).”

First, the letter fails to mention all the hardships happening to people, towns and cities throughout this country.

The top wealthiest people have so much money that the excess is stored in offshore accounts.

Why didn’t they use this for giving raises? If they paid their taxes on it, how many roads, bridges and schools could be upgraded? How many hungry and homeless people could get a lift up instead of a handout? Instead, we give the wealthy a huge tax break to fatten their offshore tax havens even more.

Instead of hiring people, they’re laying off and cutting jobs. Those people won’t get a raise.

Has trickle-down economics ever helped anyone besides the rich? If so, I’d like to hear about it.

Hard-working people are working at jobs that refuse to carry health insurance for their employees, and they’re not paid enough money to buy health insurance. The new tax plan takes the penalty away from the healthy and younger people who will then cancel their health plans causing an increase in premiums for everyone else.

This tax plan is not better than nothing. I’d like to see the reaction when President Trump, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell start tearing apart the “entitlements” like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

This letter shows no empathy toward our fellow Americans. This is the United States of America. We need to stay united. Instead, we are creating lines of division, anger and selfishness. Maybe the writer makes enough to live without any public support. I know I do. But some people need help and paying taxes is our way of helping. I don’t need a tax break. I need an America willing to sacrifice to help others. That is what being united is all about.

We are the richest country in the world but we let families go hungry, homeless, cold and without health insurance.

A lot of people and families just need some extra help in rough times.

Larry R. Kennett Sr.


Racist Label Is Absurd

As a white, conservative American, I am sick and tired of being labeled a racist by Steve Nelson (“The Racist Bandwagon That Brought Us Trump,” Jan. 7).

The idea that Donald Trump was elected president because of seething residual hatred for Barack Obama is insulting and absurd.

But what else would you expect from someone who devotes his day to The New York Times, the Valley News and MSNBC? 

Jeff Lehmann

Lyme Center

Headline Was Inaccurate

The Jan. 6 article on page B1, “Officer Hits Deputy: Newport Victim Was Off-Duty at Time,” is inaccurate and misleading, as to the headline, in numerous ways.

According to the headline, and further in the article, the officer could have been both the victim and the hitter. The other person walking was the victim. Was he an off-duty deputy also? He was not described in the article as such.

The headline also gives the impression that the officer himself hit someone. This is misleading and unfair to the officer driving the cruiser that struck the victim during white-out conditions en route to a call.

It is not the first time my wife and I have had discussions about Valley News headlines being grammatically confusing and not very accurate to the facts in the article. Headlines should be descriptive, not just sensationalism.

Perhaps something similar to “Pedestrian Struck By Newport Cruiser” would have been more accurate and less confusing.

After reading the article I did not think the story even  deserved a major headline.

Thank you for providing my wife and I some fodder for discussion though.

Paul Goundrey


Young People Embracing the Cold

What a wonderful picture of two young men, ages 14 and 15, ice fishing on Sunday, Jan. 7 (“Frozen Filets,” Jan. 8).

We have been in quite a prolonged cold spell and it sure would have been easy to “hang out” in a warm house playing video games. Instead, these two individuals were out embracing the cold and learning a lot of life skills.

I work on a farm and know that working in the cold is difficult. Bare-handed work is especially difficult with wet hands. Looks like they were dressed for the cold. Ethan and Cameron, go for it!

Guess I’ll get my winter gear on and go tend the cows and calves. They take extra care when it is cold. We feed our calves an extra feeding of milk.

Paul Knox

Bradford, Vt.