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Forum, Feb. 9: Our country will never be the same

Published: 2/8/2020 10:00:16 PM
Modified: 2/8/2020 10:00:14 PM
Our country will never be the same

In the past few years my body has been torn, first by cancer and now by the ravages of a severe inflammatory response to an injury causing rheumatoid arthritis and the inability for my body to function in a normal way. However, I have never been more hurt than I am today, when my government turned on me and my fellow citizens to say our Constitution is meaningless. I feel the pain of every mother, father, sister, brother and grandparent who ever lost or got back a maimed soldier who was trying to protect our great nation, only to see our greatest foe was from within. My heart cries tears knowing we will never be the same as a country.

I am bitter knowing that a large portion of our population cares more about their gains on Wall Street and their savings from tax cuts than they do about our society. I am bitter we have been reduced to believing that lying and cheating is the only way forward.

This impeachment battle hasn’t been about President Donald J. Trump. It was a battle to stop corruption in its tracks. In my opinion, it is telling that the Republicans saw it as a “lose/lose” situation that demanded the destruction of our Constitution to win. Instead of helping to protect the values and morals that have kept our country free and safe for centuries, it was reduced to “winning at any cost” — at our cost.

I saw the devil raise its head, throwing our existence as a free country to the wind. I no longer need an obituary. I died on Jan. 31 as I saw my country destroyed from within. I now know how the Venezuelans must have felt. I pray for my children, my grandchildren.

Our country is now more ravaged than my body. It didn’t take a nuclear bomb. It just took a corrupt cult growing like a cancer within our own government.

If you can, please make your vote count in November. In the meantime, make your voice heard while you still can.


Hartland Four Corners

The unchecked creep of corruption

Well, he drained the swamp all right — of decency and the rule of law. And he successfully removed the spines of nearly all GOP senators.

The president’s action toward Ukraine doesn’t rise to the level of impeachment? Really? It stinks to high heaven. Like ancient Rome, our noble experiment starts to rot from within. Cicero put it best when he singled out the unchecked creep of corruption that threatened the republic: “O tempora! O mores! Senatus haec intellegit.” (Translation: “O times! O morals! The Senate already knows these things.”)

If you still care, fix it by voting for Democrats in November. No one is above the law, including the president.


South Woodstock

Reformers are now soaring

Gratitude to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his horde of sycophants. The recent Senate impeachment trial, absent both witnesses and evidence, was so shamelessly primitive as to offend the sensibility of even the most conservative among us. As a result, the fortunes of the reform wing of the Democratic Party appear finally to be soaring.

I am moved to convey in this note my deepest appreciation to Mr. McConnell, et al., for their success in moving our country toward refreshingly honest democracy.



A painful childhood memory

When I was a child, I was in the attic of our house in Maine with my parent. There was a pile of National Geographic magazines there that the family was saving. As I fanned through one, something caught my eye. It was a picture of a pile of bodies (now I know it was dead bodies). As I turned the picture every which way, there were emaciated bodies in a huge heap. I have never forgotten it. I now know it was evidence of the Holocaust.



Thanks from Friends of Veterans

Friends of Veterans in White River Junction proudly announces that for the third consecutive year our all-volunteer organization has provided more than $100,000 in financial assistance to veterans and their families in New Hampshire and Vermont. In 2019, Friends of Veterans assisted 176 veterans, which is the highest number in our 30-plus year history.

Over the last three years we have provided assistance to veterans in the two-state area’s metropolitan locations, such as Manchester, Nashua, Rochester and Lebanon in New Hampshire and Burlington, Montpelier, St. Johnsbury and Rutland in Vermont. We have also assisted veterans in the far-reaching rural areas of both states.

Our volunteers focus on preventing homelessness through assistance programs, including rent assistance, security deposits, mortgage payments, home repairs if it’s a livability issue, and car repairs if needed for employment or serious medical issues. We also work with qualified veterans to attain certified service dogs. With the national veteran suicide rate exceeding 20 per day, we are doing our very best to prevent one potential situation from impacting that rate.

We are extremely proud of the work we do and we are extremely grateful to our grantors and donors, who provide the funds to help us assist those who have served their country.

For questions or requests for assistance, we may be reached at, or by telephone 802-296-8368.


White River Junction

The writers are Friends of Veterans volunteers.

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