Forum, Feb. 6: Trump’s Unimpressive Accomplishments

Monday, February 05, 2018
Trump’s Unimpressive Accomplishments

I appreciate the desire to look at the results of Donald Trump’s leadership, yet his supporters offer only the “incredibly good things” he’s done as proof. I disagree that “incredibly good things” are happening under Trump’s leadership. I base this opinion upon the following evidence:

Trump has threatened national security with his lack of transparency and refusal to disclose details about his finances, his ties to Russia, his tax returns and the White House visitor logs.

Trump has brought pay-to-play corruption to the presidency by promoting his private business interests at home and abroad while profiting off of the presidency.

Trump signed into law a tax bill that overwhelmingly benefits the rich while attacking programs designed to help the working poor, middle-class families and seniors and adding $1 trillion to the deficit.

Trump has attempted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and undermined the ACA marketplace, which may result in 24 million more people being uninsured in 10 years.

Trump has trampled on the religious liberty of Muslims with unconstitutional travel bans.

Trump nominated an EPA administrator who denies scientific proof of climate change and abdicated the United States’ responsibility for combating climate change by pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

I am open to a presentation of evidence and examples to support claims of Trump’s accomplishments

James Dixon

Thetford Center

Trump Is in Over His Head

I’d like to ask the supporters of Donald Trump who tell us to “stop whining and look at results” to tell me exactly what has he accomplished except to throw tens of thousands of people off of health care, give huge tax breaks to himself and his cronies, tweet stupid and dangerous remarks to an unstable leader of a country that hates us and has nuclear weapons and diminish our leadership role throughout the world.

This man has no idea of the responsibility this office holds. Just because he ran a company (that filed for bankruptcy at least four times) doesn’t mean he has the skills needed to run a country. He is in way over his head and his supporters are quite naive to believe he will improve.

I lived a stone’s throw from New York City in the 1960s and ’70s and know how this man operates. If you really want to know what Trump is all about, I suggest you read his book, The Art of the Deal. What you will find is that this guy is a back-stabber, arm-twister and non-payer who is obsessed with power and greed and will do anything as long as it benefits him.

John Lanza


A Lack of Professional Conduct

I have participated in 11 presidential elections since 1968 and, though admittedly left-leaning, consider myself to be an independent-minded person, always voting for the qualities of the individual running for office regardless of party affiliation.

In the case of Donald Trump, I see a vulgar, petulant egotist who has denigrated the office of the president and America’s standing in the world in a way I never would have dreamed of. I see a person with no moral compass, a person undeserving of respectful treatment by the media and I would feel the same way if he were a left-wing liberal. If this is acting like a “spoiled child” I stand accused.

After one year, what I see is a hamstrung administration in continual chaos, an administration that has still not made any nominations for 245 of the 626 top jobs in the executive branch (including three ambassadorships), and an ongoing in-and-out flow of banished or discredited Cabinet members. Maybe if he spent less time fiddling with his hand-held device and more time in the Oval Office, less time in front of the TV and more time in Washington (instead of running off to Florida every weekend) it might be possible for him to actually engage in the job he was elected to do.

Speaking of the president’s Cabinet, with all due respect, I can only say anyone openly willing to be closely associated with Trump is to be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism, if not downright cynicism. As Teddy Roosevelt once said, “It is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or anyone else.” My opinion is not about politics but about professional conduct and ethical behavior, or in this case, the total lack thereof.

Pierre Fournier

Hartland Four Corners