Forum, Feb. 5: It’s time to give Lebanon voters a say on keno

Monday, February 04, 2019
It’s time to give Lebanon voters a say on keno

In a recent survey conducted by the UNH Survey Center, it was found that a majority of keno retailers reported that offering the game had attracted new customers to their establishments. The majority of retailers liked the idea that the sales funded full-day kindergarten in New Hampshire. The state approved the game of keno to fund full-day kindergarten for every eligible child in New Hampshire, whether or not the individual city or town allowed the game in their community.

If we accept the funds from the state, I believe we should do our part to help the state raise these funds. Besides the money that is raised by sales in our community, some of the commissions paid to the nonprofit retailers will be returned to the city through contributions to organizations such as the senior center, Spark Community Center, the Carter Community Building Association, the Recreation Department, the Lebanon Outing Club, etc. For-profit retailers can use the commission to help with their business or to contribute to the community through scholarships or other ways.

Last year, the city voted to not allow the citizens of Lebanon the right to vote on this issue. This will be on the agenda again at Wednesday’s meeting of the City Council. I am asking members of the City Council to reconsider and allow the citizens the right to vote on this issue.

I am not asking the City Council to approve or deny the playing of keno in Lebanon, but rather to allow the voters of Lebanon to make that decision.

If you are a registered voter in Lebanon, please contact your council representative or show up at Wednesday’s meeting to voice your opinion. The meeting will be at 7 p.m., in the Lebanon Middle School cafeteria, at 3 Moulton Ave.

Again, this vote is not about approving or denying keno. It is about having the issue placed on the ballot to allow you to exercise your right to be able to vote on this issue in March.



Deer program in Hanover is topic of Thursday meeting

The Hanover Deer Team will present a program on Hanover’s 2018 Deer Management Program on Thursday, at 7 p.m., in Trumbull Hall at the Etna First Baptist Church, 195 Etna Road.

In 2018, Hanover became the first town in New Hampshire to pilot a special hunting program to address the problem of deer overpopulation. It allowed 100 hunters, who had applied for special permits, to take up to two antlerless deer in certain deer management areas in central Hanover.

The success of this effort, responses from hunter surveys, and ways to improve the program will be discussed. Dan Bergeron, New Hampshire Fish and Game deer project leader, will attend this session and is ready to answer your questions.

As landowners in rural Hanover, we have seen the effects of too many deer eating our vegetables, picking our apples, and mowing down patches of trillium that once grew along sections of our road.

We would like to see additional lands, including our own, be included in the deer management area, allowing us to invite hunters with special permits to hunt.

Hunters and landowners are all welcome at this meeting. Residents from other towns are also welcome, as Hanover’s deer problem does not stop at the town borders.



5G technology is a danger to all

The coming implementation of 5G technology is of extreme significance to me. I already have severe hypersensitivity to Wi-Fi and electromagnetic fields. I can have no Wi-Fi in my home at all. I cannot even travel and stay in motels anywhere.

Being in an electromagnetic field causes me excruciating pain for many hours, even after I am able to remove myself from it. Should 5G come to our area, I will have no place to go and will just suffer constant actual torment. Exposure to this fifth generation wireless technology will be continual, 24/7, with no letup.

The research I have done proves to me that it is deadly to all of us — wildlife, birds, bees, trees, everything. Our brains and hearts have certain precise frequencies. None of us will be able to be well and healthy as the 5G radiation will interfere with every cell in our bodies.

The National Toxicology Program, part of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, released a report last year showing that male rats exposed to high levels of radio frequency radiation like that used in less-powerful 2G and 3G cellphones developed cancerous heart tumors and tumors in the brain and adrenal gland. But this research is being ignored. Infants will be extremely damaged by 5G technology, as well as pregnant women.

Destroying our health is enough reason to stop this. In addition, property values will fall. These cell towers and antennas will make Vermont look like some kind of ugly industrial area.

Many independent scientists have warned of the dangers of 5G. Only we can stop it. Do not be silent on this. This is far too critical.

In the final setup of 5G, we are all going to be radiated with these destructive, abnormal frequencies from thousands of space satellites. That plan is already in the works and installation has already begun in areas of Vermont.

We must stop this now. When it is up and activated it will be too late.