Forum, Feb. 5: The Issue of Climate Change Was Ignored

Sunday, February 04, 2018
Issue of Climate Change Ignored

Not surprisingly, during the State of the Union address, the president failed to mention climate change. More surprising was that the Democratic rebuttal did not directly mention climate change.

While the president referred to the record-breaking “floods, fires and storms” of 2017, he neglected to affirm the scientific consensus that the increased intensity of these floods, fires and storms is due in large part to anthropogenic climate change. NASA confirmed that 2017 was one of the three hottest years on record, and a dozen federal agencies underscored the dangers unleashed by global warming in their recent Climate Science Special Report.

Sadly, a Washington Post story has revealed that the White House is proposing to reduce Energy Department funding for renewable energy and efficiency programs by 72 percent in 2019, a foolish move when physics demand we dramatically reduce energy consumption.

Our elected leaders in Washington are turning a blind eye to the greatest threat facing humanity today. The enormous economic, health and security costs of climate change are swept under the rug as federal legislators and agency officials pocket the lobbying favors of the fossil fuel industry.

I am thankful that, at least in Vermont, our citizen representatives have the courage and good sense to introduce legislation such as H.791, S.284 and H.411 to put a price on carbon pollution and to encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Dee Gish


Not Willing to ‘Get Over It’

The advice given by supporters of Donald Trump to all of us who don’t share their obvious pride and unwavering support for the morally bankrupt perpetrator-in-chief and the nasty Republican Party that tolerates, even caters, to him is: “Just get over it.”

My immigrant parents, World War II refugees who were grateful every day of their lives to be here, would not be willing to “just get over it.”

And thankfully, this country is still populated by a majority of decent people who aren’t willing either.

See you at the polls.

Michael Schorsch


Don’t Cooperate With Evil

My New Year’s resolution was to be less angry this year, for the sake of my health and quietude of those around me. Yet the news of our country continues to fill me with rage: at the malevolent fool in the White House; the GOP who elevated him to candidacy for president; the deluded voters who elected him; the cowardly congressional Republicans who allow this dangerous madman to remain in power so they can continue their implementation of a corrupt agenda that promotes the destruction of our environment and threatens the health and well-being of millions and the future of our nation; and the wealthy, powerful financial donors to these “public servants” who have caused this catastrophe so that they can become richer still.

Ghandi said, “You should not cooperate with evil.” Surely the lust for and acquisition of grotesquely huge amounts of money at the cost of our natural environment and millions of healthy lives and even our planet’s future constitutes evil. Anger is an appropriate reaction to evil.

Alice Morrison

Newbury, Vt.

All the Truth That’s Fit to Print

The front page editor’s note (“Changes Made to the ‘Sunday Valley News,’ ” Jan. 28) points out the need for flexibility in changing times. But it also invites reflection on the importance of this newspaper in our lives.

Anyone who travels knows this is one of the best regional papers in the country, combining excellent state and local coverage with news of the nation and the world from reliable sources. And the content is presented with unfailing humanity and good taste.

The Valley News lets us begin each day informed, entertained and better able to function as citizens in a democracy. It brings us the truth that makes us free.

Stephen and Elizabeth Dycus