Forum, Feb. 27: Come to Norwich Candidates Forum

Tuesday, February 27, 2018
Come to Norwich Candidates Forum

All five Norwich candidates for Selectboard will be present at a Candidates Forum, sponsored by the Norwich Women’s Club, on Tuesday, from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of Tracy Hall. Jack Candon will moderate the event.

These events are your chance to get to know the people who will make decisions on town issues. We encourage all voters to come to the forum to meet the candidates and to learn their positions.

Margo Doscher, Voter Information Chair

Norwich Women’s Club

Vote Yes on Fairlee Water Bond

Thank you for the article explaining the Fairlee water bond vote that is coming on Wednesday (“Fairlee Tank Repairs Up for Vote,” Feb. 18). There are many complex issues involved that I feel you touched upon, and I encourage anyone needing more information to ask the town officers about the issues.

There has been a trend in our country to kick problems down the road like a can, and it truly applies in this vote in Fairlee.

Our water tank failed, but we know we also have a decrepit system in spots with very ancient pipes interspersed between recent repairs. It makes our system less than functional and always on the verge of failure. We’ve done repairs piecemeal and not systematically. This bond vote gives us an opportunity that is going to disappear due to federal changes that will take place this year.

If we do not take advantage of this opportunity to borrow money cheaply from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, we are definitely going to lose that chance. The USDA’s rural programs have been officially targeted by the White House for removal from the budget. If we don’t elect to take the money now, it won’t be there until there is a fundamental change in our federal government.

I ask all the voters in Fairlee to take this excellent opportunity to invest in improving our town while we have the chance to do it right.

If this bond fails to pass, even if it is delayed by a challenge, we likely will be stuck only repairing our tank and not dealing with the serious systemic issues that could come back to hurt our property values should we fail to address them. Vote yes for both questions in this bond vote. Let’s make Fairlee the great town it can be.

Robert O’Leary


Key Issues in Fairlee Water Vote

If you didn’t attend either of the hearings on the Fairlee water bond, we will try to convey the four issues we need to deal with in Wednesday’s vote:

Article 1: We need to repair one of our water tanks that was built in 2004 but has a failing roof. This is the most important issue and needs to be fixed before the end of this year. The cost not to do this will be greater than fixing it.

If you need more details, please call Lance Colby (802-333-4581) or Barry Larson (802-356-6708).

Along with this is the installation of water meters. We need to do this for the U.S. Department of Agriculture funding and to correct an unfair water usage billing system

Article 2 covers filtration, which will remove manganese, iron, sulfate and arsenic from our water. This will improve the quality of the water and should help with any problems some people are having with their water (taste, odor, color). It will not soften the water as this could be a health issue for some users. If you want softened water, you will have to install your own softener unit.

Last but not least, Article 2 covers replacing some water lines to improve fire flow and help with water quality. We want to replace a water line between the old schoolhouse and Leda’s Restaurant. This will improve the fire flows to the southern areas plus get rid of a water line we have needed to replace for 20 years.

The second water line is located from the intersection of Club House Road and East Lake Morey Road continuing to Joe’s Road.

Yes, it’s a lot of money, but it will improve our water system for years to come for the future of Fairlee. We would like to thank those who came out to the public hearings.

Lance Colby

Fairlee Chief Water Operator

Barry Larson

Fairlee Chief Assistant Water Operator

Hoping to Represent Lebanon Ward 3

My name is Carl Porter, and I am a candidate for Lebanon City Council, to represent Ward 3.

I have spent my lifetime as a resident of Lebanon. This city is a great place to raise a family, which my wife and I are currently doing. My love for Lebanon runs deep. I am currently serving as vice chair of the Lebanon Planning Board and have previously served in many other capacities as an appointed volunteer.

Just like any other municipality, Lebanon faces its own unique challenges. We’re a community of 13,000 that swells to three times its size during the daytime. We are challenged with aging infrastructure, unaffordable housing, homelessness, drug abuse and a whole list of many other challenges. While I can’t claim to have the answers to these issues, I would appreciate having your support to work as a city councilor to address these issues and find solutions.

Please make time to come out for candidates night and meet your candidates. I am joined in this race by Karen Zook. While I could use the term “opponent,” I choose not to. We are all citizens of Lebanon who each have our thoughts about how we view Lebanon and our city’s future. I look forward to the opportunity to earn your vote that night.

I humbly ask for your support and vote on March 13. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work on your behalf on the Lebanon City Council.

Carl N. Porter


Food for Thought

With all of the horrid news filling the media over the last year(s), the article about Isidro Rodriguez helping kids have lunch in school was the most heart-warming story in a long time (“Striving for ‘Lunch Equality’: Haverhill Resident Settles Students’ Cafeteria Debts,” Feb. 20). He’s an inspiration, and what better way to improve the world than to help kids in school. Lack of food results in lack of learning. Feeding a child feeds their bodies and their minds. Bravo, Isidro!

Barry Schuster