Forum, Feb. 14: Choking Smoke, Blinding Mirrors in Washington

Tuesday, February 13, 2018
‘The Post’ and Fox News Connected

At the movies last week, I noticed The Post was produced in part by 21st Century Fox — a limb of the same corporate tree (at least until the Disney deal is final) that has also inflicted Fox News on America. In sum, every penny of profit made by The Post helps to sabotage the very truth-in-journalism values the movie seeks to promote.

How can Steven Spielberg, et al., ignore this? Seems to me folks disgusted by Fox News and its lies-for-profit pandering should have been boycotting Fox films for years. Yet I’ve seen little hint of any such movement. Have we truly become so jaded to corporate amorality?

Bernie Waugh


Choking Smoke, Blinding Mirrors

The Donald Trump-orchestrated chaos dominating Washington, D.C., these days is a black hole that sucks even the light out of our political universe.

It is not by accident but by design, and the design is simple — foil the federal investigators who, with proper due diligence, are getting closer each day to pinning a huge obstruction-of-justice tail on Trump’s rump. He and his minions in Congress, in lockstep with powerful media allies, work with fury to undercut the Department of Justice, the FBI and the special prosecutor to corrupt their findings. Trump’s trying to kill the messenger before he even arrives with the message.

This low idiocy in high places brings to mind a couple phrases that take on frightening new aspect. Shakespeare referred to “sound and fury, signifying nothing” except now the decibel level has risen so high we can no longer hear the truth. “Smoke and mirrors” applies now too, except that the mirrors are actually blinding, the smoke so thick we can’t breathe.

This might have some warped Keystone Cops comedy value except for the price of the ticket to the show — the blurring of our separation of powers, the weakening of our constitutional structure, the crumbling of the pillars of justice that have kept our country strong and respected for centuries. Nothing funny about those.

And all of this due to the paranoid manipulations of a president who calls members of Congress “un-American” and “treasonous” for not clapping for him enough during the State of the Union address. Dictatorship anybody?

The dog being chased for his life howls loudest just about the time he gets his tail bit. Got a whole lot more yelping to come.

Robert Roudebush

North Haverhill

Racketeering on a Large Scale

In Washington, lobbyists write legislation on behalf of their industries. Politicians enact that legislation and take their money and run. In a sane world, both parties would be arrested on corruption charges — bribery, influence peddling, racketeering.

But we don’t live in a sane world. A Forum writer recently bemoaned the state of “modern medicine.” His preferred solution is Medicare for All, which is saying that yet another fraudulent, underfunded and unconstitutional government program, careening toward bankruptcy, will bring us salvation.

There are a great many problems with medicine, the most obvious being that it costs too much. You may ask why that is, but the answer is obvious — doctors make a lot of money, hospitals make a lot of money, pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money, insurance companies make a lot of money and politicians make a lot of money enforcing the cartel. Add that all together and how could it be otherwise? So, a basic human service becomes unaffordable to basic human beings.

People went to school to train to provide a service that nobody can afford. The only choices we’re given are too expensive, way too expensive and very way too expensive. The problem with medicine is the same as with education, housing and every other enterprise in this God-forsaken, lost and confused country: It’s the secular religion that worships green paper. What we don’t need is more of the same racketeering on an even larger scale. The members of what’s left of the middle class are the victims. Is this really what people voted for?

Neil Meliment


Picking Up the Tab for the 1 Percent

Wake up America. The only way we, the true taxpayers of the U.S., are going to get our country back is for all of us to pitch in and rent three C-30 cargo planes, fill them with Rid-X, and then fly over Washington to drop it.

Once the dust settles, flush the toilet and rid ourselves of all this corruption, both Democrat and Republican, and then elect people who have a backbone to stand up for all of us and not just the 1 percent who line their pockets with money.

It’s an absolute disgrace what is going on in this country — the Russians elect Donald Trump, corruption at its highest, lying, cheating and on and on.

You, the true American taxpayer, are picking up the tab for the 1 percent of greedy people who pay no taxes at all, and who will probably get a taxpayer refund at year’s end.

We, the American taxpayers, pay taxes on every penny we earn, regardless if we have two jobs to make ends meet. If the wealthy want to pay less in taxes, make less money. Why should we pay your taxes?

Robert Pollard


The Crochet/Good Karma Diet

Join our virtual, non-competitive, injury-free, all-ages-welcome, greatest new sports challenge ever.

Get crafting supplies, like fabric or yarn, from Listen (also known as The House of Joy), make something absolutely fabulous (an afghan, a baby blanket, a soft toy) and then give it to David’s House. ​All awards are in karmic points and bone-deep satisfaction.

Side benefit: My “crochet diet” helped me drop a pants size in three weeks. I swear, folks — this one really works.

​Sarah Crysl Akhtar