Forum, Feb. 13: Come to Thetford Housing Forum on Thursday

Monday, February 12, 2018
Come to Thetford Housing Forum

Please join us in a Town Forum on Thursday, from 7-8:30 p.m., in the Thetford Town Hall, to discuss housing needs in Thetford and neighboring towns.

As we drive through Thetford and our neighboring towns we see a rich pattern of houses, large and small, old and new. But are there enough, and do they match the housing needs of our community?

Recent studies show a need for more affordable and senior housing throughout the Upper Valley. The lack of housing affects several aspects of our community. Businesses cannot find enough workers living in a manageable (and affordable) commuting distance. Seniors living in houses too large for their needs and maintenance capabilities have a hard time finding smaller homes that would allow them to stay in the community they know and cherish.

Through Thursday’s forum we will look at the efforts of the Thetford Senior and Affordable Housing Committee during the last 10 years to find a suitable site for a housing project. We will explore the public perception of housing needs, the demographic trends, and the opportunities, as well as financial and market hurdles, to creating more housing space.

We hope to get input from our neighbors, the town Selectboard, neighboring towns, our county and state representatives, builders, housing management companies and real estate professionals.

Please mark your calendar.

Mark McMahon

Chair, Thetford Senior and Affordable Housing Committee

Don’t Limit Vt. Grant Portability

Legislation has been introduced in Vermont — H.114 and S.257 — that is going to affect a policy that has been in place for more than 50 years. I believe in change, but not at the expense of low-income and the first-generation Vermont students.

The Vermont state grant program is at risk for college students who wish to attend college outside of Vermont.

The restricting of portability of state-funded grants and scholarships will cause an additional burden on low-income and first-generation Vermont students. The portability restriction will prevent opportunity to study outside of Vermont. In some cases, there are more than 300 programs that are not offered in Vermont, so students must go to other states for their preferred education.

More than 25,000 students come to Vermont from out of state every year to go to college while fewer than 4,000 grant recipients leave to study elsewhere. The grant already for out-of-state students is less than students who choose to study within the state.

I ask that you reach out to your local legislator to express your opinion on the proposed legislation and protect the right for our students to go to college where they choose to go, not where our Legislature feels they should attend.

You can identify your local legislators and obtain their contact information by going to www.legislature .vermont.gov.

Bonnie Blodgett


Sandra Micka for Town Clerk

Windsor’s town clerk, Sandra Micka, has earned our vote at 2018 Town Meeting for another term.

Micka has served Windsor very well for 18 years as town clerk, and she served as assistant clerk before that. She has been diligent and responsible at maintaining essential public records, meeting minutes and ordinances, processing vital certificates, licenses and petitions, and supervising all elections. She has fulfilled these responsibilities with competence, efficiency, transparency and full courtesy in all interactions with the public.

She maintains strong rapport with the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office to ensure current best practices and legality regarding local decisions and procedures.

Windsor will benefit by re-electing the experienced and respected town clerk at Town Meeting on March 6, or by early absentee ballot voting beginning Feb. 15.

Michael T. Quinn


Trump a Danger to America

Do Americans realize how much danger our country is in? If a feeble-minded narcissist with billions of dollars can play around with the election process, and win the presidency, then anything is possible.

I have this nagging fear that Donald Trump is involved in a plan to transform America into a fascist state backed by Russia and additional countries. I believe we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg. I believe that Trump stole the presidency from Clinton with the help and direction from his international connections. Together they have hatched a plan to manipulate the electoral vote.

The plan was so good that it will never be found out. I fear that our personal freedoms will be the first to go. They say that you can tell a skunk by the way he smells, and I’m smelling fascism.

He has already done damage to programs that reflect our basic American values, too many to list here. Certainly those who support Trump believe in keeping women and people of color down.

Melinda Hunt