Forum, Dec. 28: Headrest saved me

Published: 12/31/2019 12:52:43 PM
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Headrest saved me

I am a current resident of Headrest, which is a drug and alcohol treatment center here in Lebanon. I believe that with the opioid epidemic people should know there is a place right here in the Upper Valley that can help people who suffer with addiction. I want people to know this program can save lives. It’s saving mine right now.

I would like people to know that the staff who work here have changed my life. When I first came to Headrest, I was in heart failure due to my addiction. I could not see a future. I did not know how to live life without drugs and couldn’t continue living life using drugs. If I didn’t stay sober, I would not be able to have surgery for my failing heart. I was broken. I felt so lost and so unloved. I was told by two directors, Lara and Kathy, “Danielle, please let us love you until you can love yourself.” Those words changed my life!

The staff here at Headrest stuck by my side through so many trials and tribulations in these last six months. They have taught me a new way of life. They have showed me love and kindness when I felt like giving up. I was able to have my heart surgery and am now recovering. I have been able not to use drugs through one of the darkest times; just recently I lost the man I thought I would be with forever if only he got sober but unfortunately he lost his battle with addiction on Dec. 4. I never thought I would be able to deal with that without drugs to numb my pain, but because of the love and tools I have been given, here I am getting through it without drugs.

I think people should know there is a place to go if you need help. I know it’s not easy but it is so worth it. I know that had I never came to Headrest in the Upper Valley I would be dead but I am so grateful today that I am not. It’s hard work but anyone can get clean and sober. I recommend Headrest to any suffering addict out there.



Memories of adoctor’s care

The recent obituary for Dr. Jack Dodds brought back memories for my wife, Jennifer, and myself, after close to four decades, of the role he played in the safe delivery of our three children. I am sure that there may be literally thousands of families in the Upper Valley who share the type of memories we have of him.

For my wife, all three pregnancies were difficult and required the best in medical treatment, especially for our youngest daughter. Dr. Dodds’ care, concern, patience and “bedside manner” were exemplary and he personally attended all three births, at a time when a mother most likely would have to be attended by the “physician on call” if delivery was not during her doctor’s hours.

While my wife was in the hospital for six weeks before our daughter arrived, I will always recall a Sunday afternoon when I was with Jen and through the door came Dr. Dodds. I recall he was in a cross-country ski outfit, sweaty and tired, equipment in the hallway; he just said he wanted to check up on how Jen was doing that day, on his way home after a long run. That type of care is a simple indication of just what type of man and doctor he was.


New London

Thanks for helping our ballet

City Center Ballet, which has bringing classical ballet to audiences and dancers for over 20 years, would like to like to extend hearty holiday cheer and a huge thank you to everyone who made our recent production of Clara’s Dream, a nutcracker story such a success. From donors (including Mascoma Bank, which has been there for us consistently), to parents who waited patiently for rehearsals to end, volunteers and an audience whose numbers set records, it was a wonderful weekend of classical ballet and winter wonderland. We look forward to seeing everyone again for our spring performance.



The writer is the board chairman of the City Center Ballet in Lebanon.

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