Forum, Aug. 3: Sanctuary areas are doing damage to the country

Published: 8/2/2019 10:00:26 PM
Modified: 8/2/2019 10:00:11 PM
Sanctuary areas are doing damage to the country

I am an “elder” — 79 this past June. I am a Social Security-card-carrying senior citizen. Robert Belenky and the 17 others who joined him in his letter do not speak for me on the topic of illegal immigration (“Elders angry at Border Patrol’s treatment of refugee children,” July 21).

What makes me angry?

President Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty bill in 1984. Congress was supposed to fix the problem so that it would be the last amnesty bill. Of course, Congress never acted and here we are today.

Illegal immigration has now been “sanitized” by never mentioning the word “illegal” or by substituting “undocumented.” Those who do it try to make people believe that those who are opposed to illegal immigration are “anti-immigrant.” That is pure sophistry and insulting.

My grandparents were legal immigrants. Sanctuary areas (cities, states, houses of worship) are enabling illegal immigrants to evade the law. Sanctuary areas are sticking their collective thumbs in the eyes of every immigrant (including my grandparents) who came here “the right way.” Sanctuary areas are repulsive, rancid entities that are doing harm to the United States. Those who support sanctuary areas are making pacts with the devil.

Trashing the United States for its efforts to control the border and deal with the masses of humanity is unsavory and disreputable. Accusations that the U.S. is just another human rights abuser when it deals with this mass of humanity parrots the playbook of the “open borders” crowd.

In his letter, Robert Belenky refers to “we.” I have no idea who he’s referring to. I can say with certitude that I ain’t part of the “we.”



N.H. voter residency question remains

The article about the lawsuit filed by two Dartmouth College students contesting the requirement to obtain New Hampshire driver’s license and vehicle registration in order to vote in New Hampshire noted that neither of the two plaintiffs plans to stay in New Hampshire after graduation (“Voter residency lawsuit moves on: Dartmouth students’ case against law gets judge’s OK,” July 31).

The question remains for those of us who live, work and pay taxes in New Hampshire: Do we want to allow individuals who are actually not residents and who have no intention of staying in our state to affect our elections, taxes, laws and lives?



No ‘silver bullet’ for downtown Hanover

The Sunday Valley News addressed some of the financial problems of downtown Hanover (“Value Added: Some Hanover building owners surprised by 50% jump in property assessments,” July 28).

As someone who has spent more than 50 years as a small retailer and landlord, I sympathize with the problems. It is the smaller, independent business that is most affected by these changes. Higher taxes, limited development space and high construction costs make it harder and harder to be competitive — and to be unique in a retail landscape with too much similarity.

There is no “silver bullet.” The business community, listening to its customers, must help town government to understand. What is the direction for the benefit of landlords, professionals, retailers and their customers who love downtown Hanover?



Stop trashing the region’s waterways

I thought I was going to write about fishing the lovely brooks and waterways we are blessed with, but this is turning into a diatribe about trash.

Come on, folks. Please, please, please stop leaving or chucking your trash over our beautiful land and roadways. In the good ole’ USA you have the right to treat your private property as you wish, but not property that belongs to someone else or is held in public trust.

And maybe it is time for our law enforcement officers to actually enforce the fines for littering. That might actually be a deterrent. We now have cameras to help identify scofflaws in parking places and drinking nooks. Just sayin’.

The fishing is darn good, but there is only so much room in my shoulder bag and shirt front for those discarded bottles and cans.

If the discarders aren’t reading this, maybe a friend or companion is and will speak up for our beautiful environment.



Donald Trump not the true president

It has been proven that Russia interfered with the 2016 presidential election. Four Midwestern states were targeted in order to interfere with Democratic votes. This says to me that Donald Trump is definitely not our true president. Members of Trump’s family and campaign accepted information from Russia and WikiLeaks on Hillary Clinton, who would have legally been our president today. We are better than this, America.



Co-op aiming for dynamic dialogue

On behalf of the board of directors of the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society, I would like to thank the Co-op’s member-owners who joined us at our July 24 board meeting for a lively discussion of the Co-op’s new “Ends” policy.

Member linkage is a major goal for this board, and we all appreciated hearing from impassioned Co-op members with strong feelings about their cooperative. We hope they also came away with greater understanding of the board’s governance goals.

Refining the Co-op’s governance policies is an ongoing process. With that in mind, the board has formed an Ends Committee charged with engaging more Co-op member-owners around issues of importance to them. We look forward to facilitating even more dynamic dialogue as we move together into the Co-op’s future.


Thetford Center

The writer is the president of the board of directors of the Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society.


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