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Forum, April 8: How COVID-19 may be used for manufacturing hysteria

Published: 4/7/2021 10:00:16 PM
Modified: 4/7/2021 10:00:14 PM
How COVID-19 may be used for manufacturing hysteria

If I were a virologist, or an epidemiologist like Forum contributor Paul Etkind (“We can’t drop our guard,” March 27), I, too, might be obsessively interested in the minutiae of this thing that they call COVID-19. But I’m not either of those.

As it is, I’m much more interested in observing how a virus may be used as a pretext for manufacturing hysteria, exercising social control, furthering the curtailment of civil liberties, as the basis of economic destruction and dependency, and, ultimately, as a reason for global transformation. The virus itself is but a tiny, microscopic detail of the bigger picture.



I still will not get vaccinated

Thanks to those who responded to my letter about why I will not get vaccinated for COVID-19, though I hate to inform you that my opinion remains unchanged (“Why I will not get COVID-19 vaccine,” March 25).

Sure, perhaps the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (with the limited data it has) deems the emergent COVID-19 vaccines “safe and effective,” but where are the long-term studies? There are none. Why do militant people think that it is OK to pressure others into receiving a medical procedure that they are not comfortable with taking? I’m sure there were plenty of these types around when the swine flu vaccine was being pushed in the 1970s, as well. I bet those folks who developed Guillain-Barre syndrome as a result of receiving the vaccine appreciate the condolences from those who pressured them to take it. Perhaps someday you will learn the value of allowing people to make their own choices, hopefully not the hard way.

I disagree with the assertion claiming that the Supreme Court case Jacobson v. Massachusetts has nullified my right to choose to be vaccinated, and will fight that to the end if necessary, such that: 1. When the 1905 case was decided, vaccine manufacturers did have liability for their product, whereas now they do not; and 2. The overall mortality rate in the U.S. for COVID-19, as reported by the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, lingers at 1.8% — hardly comparable to the smallpox pandemic, where mortality was over 30%. Did you know that 80% of the people hospitalized for COVID-19 have been obese or overweight? So, instead of taking care of our own health and reducing our own risk (obesity, smoking), I should be forced to take a shot that has zero long-term studies? No, I will not.



The COVID-19 vaccines remain experimental

Kate Eastman beat me to it with her March 25 Forum letter (“Why I will not get COVID-19 vaccine”), so I’m just here to stand bravely with her against all that incoming.

The history of vaccination has its glories and its horrors both. We no longer give the oral polio vaccine in the U.S. though it’s widely used in poorer countries — where the “experts” have concluded that the benefits outweigh the risks. Tell that to the parents of children who develop polio after being inoculated against it.

“Experts” developed and implemented the vaccine for Marek’s disease in chickens, transforming a syndrome that sometimes killed up to 50% of a flock into one that is now 100% lethal to unvaccinated birds. It’s a “leaky” vaccine — it protects chickens from developing the disease but they can still become infected and spread the virus — as are the currently available experimental vaccines against COVID-19.

I believe in the principle of vaccines, and was glad to ensure that my child received inoculations with a long proven track record.

To repeat, though, the COVID-19 vaccines remain experimental. A deluge of moral outrage can’t change that fact.



Editor’s note: More information on COVID-19 vaccines is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at

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