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Forum, April 29: What a dictator really looks like

Published: 4/29/2021 11:06:35 AM
Modified: 4/29/2021 11:06:33 AM
What a dictator really looks like

I was struck by Jean Liepold’s letter in the Forum, (Tuesday April 27 “President Joe Biden is acting like a dictator.”) As I recall from my reading of history, a dictator is someone who will try to do whatever is necessary to stay in power. A dictator subverts the will of the people by spreading lies that free and fair elections are fraudulent, demeans and scapegoats the vulnerable in our society, overstates and overinflates his own leadership and abilities, maligns those with different opinions or views, stokes hatred, fear and distrust, eschews alliances and embraces other authoritarians and finally, incites his followers to engage in violence to overthrow the institutions that secure a democracy.

Now that’s a dictator.

Helena Binder


App takes some guesswork out of recycling

For years we thought we were doing the right thing by placing all No. 1 and 2 plastics in the recycle bin to take to Lebanon’s recycling station. Now, however, our children with smartphones, living with us during the pandemic, alert us that many items marked as recyclable cannot be recycled in Lebanon. Use the Betterbin App and see for yourself items that will cause problems if thrown in recycling bins at Lebanon. Among them are common, marked as recyclable, items such as: plastic clamshell packaging for salads and greens, all plastic lids including relatively large ones, such as on yogurt containers, all tetra-pak, such as milk cartons, and plastic bags of any thickness.

Marianne Alverson


Brave lawmakers pushed for genocide resolution

Upper Valley folks are fortunate to have courageous senators and a representative who have supported recognition of the Armenian genocide. After 50 years, constant support from the brightest stars, Sens. Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy, of Vermont, have resulted in President Biden’s historic recognition of the first 20th-century genocide. Support from Rep. Peter Welch, of Vermont, and Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, of New Hampshire, have been constant.

Why is this important now? Turkey has an active program to destroy churches and any vestige of Armenian presence in Armenian historic homeland. Death, persecution, destruction of cemeteries have decreased the once 2 million Armenians in Turkey to less than 50,000. Currently Turkey, leading Azeri military, have attacked Armenian enclaves in Azerbaijan with war crime acts such as bombing civilians, destroying hospitals, eradicating churches and beheading captives.  

Further, Turkey has brought ISIS fighters into Azerbaijan to fight Armenians and has recently moved Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s paramilitary into a city overlooking the Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh. In a speech in December, Erdogan said he was following the spirit of Enver Pasha, architect of the Armenian genocide. Turkey has become a rogue nation and President Biden’s genocide resolution is a major step to confront a devious nation.

Thank you Bernie, Patrick, Jeanne, Maggie and Peter.

Harvey Bazarian


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