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Forum, April 16: Paper vaccine passport, not electronic, is the way to go

Published: 4/15/2021 10:00:06 PM
Modified: 4/15/2021 10:00:03 PM
Paper vaccine passport, not electronic, is the way to go

During the roughly 25 years the internet has been a wide presence in our lives it seems there has been more money stolen from businesses, governments and individuals than has been stolen, in total and by all means and methods, in the past 200 years. Personal, private information, proprietary business information and government military secrets can no longer be considered private or secret if such can be accessed via the internet.

Given this sorry track record, why would we trust that a “vaccine passport” would be secure, either in the information it contains or for the purposes for which it is intended?

Why spend millions deploying an electronic vaccine passport when the clinic that gave us our jab in the arm provides us with a paper card indicating the date of our vaccination? That card is no more subject to forgery than an electronic version. Albert Fox Cahn, head of the nonprofit Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, told several publications he was able to hack New York’s Excelsior vaccine passport in 11 minutes flat.

I’ve gotten my shots, but I will not subject myself to the unknown consequences of an electronic record of my vaccination to be scanned at all public places that I attend. It will be just as accurate and effective to produce my folded paper affidavit, which I keep with my driver’s license. More often that we care to admit, low-tech can be the answer.



It’s not the moose, it’s ticks that are the real villains

Regarding the article “Biologists: Hunt more moose” (April 12), I have a few comments.

Vermont’s solution to help the moose population is to kill more of them? I’m not sure I understand this logic. How about if hunters go out and shoot moose with an injection of Frontline or some other tick-killing drug to kill ticks instead of the moose?

My wife and I recently became members of Vermont’s 251 Club, where you go around to each of Vermont’s 251 towns and visit them, and we always looked for moose. We did this over 46 trips all around our state and we never saw a moose! Moose aren’t the problem, I feel they are the victims. The ticks are the villains. Haven’t the moose suffered enough?

Ticks are everywhere, not just on moose.

Let’s focus on getting rid of the ticks, not the moose.


White River Junction

Mess on southern border is all Joe Biden’s fault

A recent Associated Press survey indicates President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are dropping considerably as a result of the southern border being inundated by migrants coming here (“Border woes dent Biden approval,” April 6).

This highlights Biden’s lack of an immigration plan or policy. Since his inauguration, illegal crossings of our southern border are up nearly 200%, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Those are the ones who got caught. How many others managed to sneak around overwhelmed Border Patrol agents who’ve become “housing monitors”?

Neither Biden nor Vice President Kamala Harris have visited the border and are basically ignoring the humanitarian crisis I believe they have created.

The White House issued what amounts to a gag order to federal employees there not to discuss how bad things are getting nor allow photos be taken. They even tried to prohibit U.S. senators who recently visited the area from taking photos or talking to people held in captivity.

Many who’ve come during the pandemic aren’t wearing masks and many tested positive for COVID-19. One bought a bus ticket and went to North Carolina anyway.

So, U.S. citizens must wear masks but new residents from outside the country have no such regulation?

This is all Biden’s fault — the lack of an immigration program, the sexual assaults of girls, the deaths by Mexican drug cartels, the “coyotes” who guide people here for money — it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t invited them with open arms and then turned his back on them. He tried putting Harris in charge of this mess. She doesn’t want this on her hands, but it will be.

So this recent AP poll shows that U.S. citizens have noticed, and they will vote accordingly in the midterm elections because of his humanitarian disaster.



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