Fairlee Voters Approve Water Tank Repairs

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Fairlee — Voters on Wednesday handily approved a $3.7 million proposal to repair a crumbling water tank and make other water system improvements.

On a 182-54 vote, Fairlee voters supported a plan to borrow up to $1.7 million to repair the 256,000-gallon water tank off Bald Top Road and install water meters for the 350 residential and commercial customers of the water system. They also voted, 173-61, to back a $1.96 million bond to replace some water mains in town and install water filtration equipment.

Because the user fees and a federal grant also are expected to help pay for the project, town officials have said the estimated tax rate impact is half a cent, or $12.50 on a $250,000 home in Fairlee. Town officials also hope to recoup some of the costs from the insurers of the companies that installed the failing tank in 2004.