Dartmouth College updates sexual misconduct policy

Staff Report
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

HANOVER — Dartmouth College trustees have approved a new unified sexual misconduct policy that will apply to all faculty, students and staff.

The policy, devised following the ouster of three professors accused of sexual misconduct, prohibits sexual and gender-based harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation and other related behavior, according to a draft circulated in January.

It also prohibits retaliation against anyone who makes a “good faith” report of prohibited conduct and forbids any relationship of “a sexual or intimate nature between individuals where one individual has power or authority over another.”

Such relationships already were prohibited, but it “is being brought under the single overarching policy to give it greater visibility and increase campus awareness of its existence,” according to Dartmouth spokeswoman Diana Lawrence.

Although Dartmouth announced approval of the new policy on its website this week, it declined requests to release the wording of what trustees voted on, saying it first had to be distributed internally to employees.

“Although the new unified policy has been approved, it mandates changes to existing processes and will require employee training, and it is not yet in place. We are working on an implementation plan and will share the policy with our community as part of that plan. We expect the new policy to take effect before the end of the year,” Lawrence said via email.

In other action, the trustees, who met on Friday and Saturday before Dartmouth’s commencement on Sunday, approved spending $67.2 million on the west end of campus to erect the Irving Institute for Energy and Society building and make energy efficiency upgrades at the Murdough Center.

They also approved spending $9.7 million to overhaul Reed Hall, an academic building at the southeast corner of the Dartmouth Green.