3 Top D-H Salaries Exceeded $1 Million

Valley News Staff Writer
Friday, June 01, 2018

Lebanon — The three top earners at Dartmouth-Hitchcock each earned more than $1 million in 2016, the same year the hospital system was addressing an operating deficit.

Those collecting the seven-figure payments included then-CEO James Weinstein ($1.47 million); CFO Daniel Jantzen ($1.36 million) and Daniel Stewart, a dermatologist in D-H’s Manchester clinic, ($1.08 million), according to tax documents recently released by the Lebanon-based medical system that operates Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital and a network of clinics in New Hampshire and Vermont.

“The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Board of Trustees is responsible for setting and reviewing executive compensation at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, in conformity with IRS regulations and established industry practice,” D-H spokesman Rick Adams wrote in an email on Friday.

Weinstein’s compensation was down slightly from the prior year’s total of $1.49 million. In 2016, Weinstein, an orthopedic surgeon, earned a base salary of $1.27 million, as well as $205,000 in retirement and other pay.

Weinstein stepped down from his post last June, after 5½ years on the job.

Dr. Joanne Conroy became CEO last August. Her salary has not been disclosed publicly.

Jantzen’s pay jumped substantially from the prior year in which he earned $829,000. He switched jobs, moving from chief operating officer to chief financial officer in July 2016. In addition, his total pay includes an “early retirement benefit” payment of $638,000.

This is on top of base compensation of $570,000 and $149,000 in other pay.

All D-H employees are eligible for an early retirement benefit based on a combination of years of service and age, Adams said in an email on Friday. Executives who earned more than $265,000 — a threshold set by the IRS — were eligible to participate in a supplemental executive retirement plan, which provides benefits beyond those covered in other retirement plans.

“The SERP payment, which is actually quite common, maintains the equality of the retirement program by keeping those who make more than $265,000 whole in their retirement,” Adams said in an email.

Jantzen first came to D-H in 1990, according to a biography on D-H’s website. He previously worked as a senior manager in the audit department for KPMG in the Boston area and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting from Northeastern University. He has been a certified public accountant since 1985.

Stewart — who joined DH in 2010 and specializes in Mohs micrographic surgery, a procedure to remove skin cancer — has been a consistently high earner over the past few years. His base salary was $970,000 in 2016.

Other high-earners in 2016, included former Chief Clinical Officer John Birkmeyer, who earned a total of $921,000 despite departing in October of that year; Nathan Simmons, a Lebanon-based neurosurgeon, who earned $973,000; Faramarz Samie, a dermatologist, who earned $899,000, but has since left D-H; Jock McCullough, section chief of cardiac surgery, who earned $883,000 and Scott Devanny, a Concord-based orthopedist, who earned $828,000.

High-earning administrators without medical degrees included then-Chief Administrative Officer Stephen LeBlanc, now-chief strategy officer, who earned $800,000; former-CFO Robin Kilfeather-Mackey, who earned a total of $622,000 and left in July 2016; and former Chief Human Resources Officer John Malanowski, who earned a total of $559,000.

In total, the tax return identified 27 people who had pay packages — including salary, bonuses, and retirement benefits — above the $500,000 mark in 2016.

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