Lebanon Fire Department Detonates Fireworks, ‘Homemade Explosives’ Found in Vacant House

  • Fire officials in Lebanon on Wednesday destroyed fireworks and “homemade explosives” that were found inside a vacant home.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lebanon — Public safety officials removed several boxes of fireworks and other explosives from a vacant home on Spring Street on Wednesday afternoon and destroyed them in a controlled detonation at the municipal landfill, Fire Chief Chris Christopoulos said in a news release.

A contractor hired by the homeowner to clear debris from the residence found “several boxes of retail fireworks, black powder and other potentially explosive materials,” removed them from the building, and called authorities around noon, the release said.

Lebanon officials called in the New Hampshire State Police Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit, and a supervisor determined that some of the material was retail fireworks, and others appeared to be “homemade explosive devices.”

The materials were taken to the lower area of the Lebanon landfill and detonated, causing four small explosions the reverberated along the Route 12A corridor, the release said.

Nobody was injured in the incident, and Christopoulos said the public was not in danger at either location.