Council, Manager Make New Rules

Valley News Correspondent
Friday, October 13, 2017

Claremont — The City Council approved three motions after a nonpublic session with City Manager Ryan McNutt that stretched more than two hours.

Minutes from Tuesday’s nonpublic meeting were immediately sealed by a council vote. Then the three motions were passed by the council.

The first motion was to add to the council’s rules the process for setting agenda items.

Mayor Charlene Lovett said on Wednesday that the current council rules do not address the issue of who has the authority to set the council agenda, but she said that when she was elected to her position almost two years ago, she was told by the city manager’s clerk that the agenda was “coordinated” between the mayor and the city manager.

As to what form the new rules on setting the agenda will take, the council will probably have that discussion at its meeting on Oct. 25, Lovett said.

The second approved motion was to have the city manager arrange with legal counsel a meeting, to be held with the council and manager, on “governance.”

Lovett said she is not sure how the meeting will be conducted — either in public or as a “non-meeting,” which allows the council to discuss items not listed under the state’s Right-to-Know law in a nonpublic setting.

“We need to find out the best platform because this is an educational opportunity for the City Council and city manager to understand their respective roles,” Lovett said.

The third motion scheduled follow-up discussions with the manager and council on Nov. 14 and 28.

Lovett said she could not comment further on the reason for the meeting with McNutt or what prompted the motions.