Column: Where lost innocence becomes a marker


“Where were you on the day President Kennedy was shot?” For people of a certain age this question has become a cliché, and for others there is...

Column: We all need to find meaningful places


I think you must know a place like this, a meaningful location somewhere in the physical world that you encounter nearly every day. To others, it...

Lately I’ve been thinking about canyons. Nine years ago my wife and I rode sturdy mules down the Bright Angel Trail onto the floor of the Grand...

Column: Swept in a receding tide


From October to May most mornings start for me with coaxing the fire in my woodstove back to life. If the coals flare with a little stirring, all I...

Column: When truths collide


After a prolonged and dream-like fall, the early sun lit up fields rimed with frost. I checked the flower barrels outside our bedroom window...

Column: In praise of the unpaved road


Each year, as August yields to September, my thoughts turn to road repair. We live on the top of a hill and at the end of dirt road nearly a mile...

Column: You don’t want to lie, not to the young


A few days ago my 5-year-old granddaughter opened her hand, revealing a stone, and asked, “Is this quartz?” We were on a hike that included her...

Column: Whose woods these aren’t


On a long walk through deep woods you rarely think about property lines, but a logging project on your own land will bring them into sharp focus...

“When will we go back to normal?” This has been the question we’ve all contemplated since the moment we realized we were staring into the maw of a...

Column: Looking at logging a little differently


For good reasons, some people hold a dim view of commercial logging. The stumps and slash left behind create a careless and raw look. Logging...

Column: Startled by a sudden and profound beauty


Shortly before 7 on an early November morning, I stood up from my desk and witnessed a startling sight. High over my desk a picture window faces...

Column: Zooming through the loneliness of isolation


At some point last spring — I believe it was early May — I realized that the pandemic was more than a lurking beast just outside my door, and I...

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