Byline: By Dan Mackie

Over Easy: No place like Rome


Have you thought about ancient Rome today? That is an odd question, related to one of the oddest trend stories I’ve encountered on the internet.An...

Presidential primary season is upon us, as it is every four years. Little deal New Hampshire gets to feel like a big deal and local pols hope to...

Over Easy: Potpourri of pondering


I couldn’t come up with anything to write about today, so I decided to write about everything. Bear with me, dear readers, I had open heart surgery...

Over Easy: Be still my heart


A funny thing happened on the way to a DHMC operating room. On the morning of July 26, as I pondered my fate on a hospital gurney, a medical...

Over Easy: You bet your life


I have never had much interest in gambling, other than in matters like eating dicey leftovers from the fridge. “I have an iron stomach,” I tell my...

Over Easy: The family wagon


I think I know how to save America: Bring back the station wagon.That’s a bold statement, but stick with me. When America ruled the world, station...

Over Easy: Forever young


Maybe you have reached the age where the massive array of candles on your birthday cake could heat a small apartment or, even worse, contribute to...

Over Easy: Reasons to be grateful 


I have read quite a few self-improvement books in my life but when I finish them I seem to be much the same person I was on page one. “Awaken the...

Over Easy: The end is near


This column was written by a human. It may be among my last, because sources close to the Valley News have told me that the newspaper is developing...

Over Easy: You may be right


I am more of a wise guy than a wise man, but I have picked up a little wisdom along the way. The great thinkers drink deep; I took in the learnings...

Over Easy: Par for the course


Shockingly — SHOCKINGLY — I haven’t heard back from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas about my offer to put him up for a week or two for an...

Dear Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas:You’ve been in the news lately for taking swanky vacations provided by a billionaire Republican. The...

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