Sunday Forum: The Misrule of Public Opinion; Kasich Shows Real Empathy; the Heroism of Lincoln and MLK

Sunday, January 10, 2016
The Misrule of Public Opinion

To the Editor:

Regarding the suspension of Vermont state Sen. Norm McAllister, I know that it’s a done deal. And I’ve heard the reasoning on both sides of the issue. What I haven’t heard is any discussion of what example this presents to our young people.

All over the world, we preach “the rule of law” and teach it in our schools. This decision appears to say that our state senators, who make the laws for this state, only believe in the Court of Public Opinion; if the “accused” seems to be guilty, he should be shunned and turned out.

Is this what we want to teach future generations?

Sen. McAllister has been accused, not convicted. It doesn’t matter what he or others have said. It’s up to the courts to decide his guilt or innocence. If he’s eventually found not guilty, will the state or anyone make reparations for the harm done?

Stephen Raymond


Kasich Displays Real Empathy

To the Editor:

Presidential candidates come to New Hampshire equipped with long lists of policy proposals and statistics, but not all of them demonstrate real human empathy. In the events I have attended with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, I’ve found him to be a refreshing exception. He recently traveled the state with his wife and twin teenage daughters and spoke very compassionately about protecting women from abuse and injustice.

Ohio, like New Hampshire, has a major human trafficking problem. In response, Gov. Kasich created one of the country’s first state-level efforts to fight trafficking by prosecuting offenders — not victims — and helping victims heal and rebuild their lives. He has also been a strong supporter of efforts to help Ohio universities prevent and respond to sexual violence.

To anyone looking for a candidate with a strong moral compass and a heart for people who are down and out, I encourage you to attend one of Gov. John Kasich’s events and learn more about his incredible record. You will have that chance at 6 p.m. on Jan. 18 in Lebanon. Please mark your calendar to see and hear the governor, so you can see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Karen M. Cervantes


The Heroism of Lincoln and MLK

To the Editor:

Many great people and leaders have made an impact and difference in American history.

However, two stand out as America’s greatest heroes; heroes who should be celebrated and honored by all Americans. Abraham Lincoln’s leadership saved our country from splintering in two. Martin Luther King saved America from a second civil war, one that would have been justified.

Thank goodness that his non-violent leadership succeeded. Imagine the rightful violent struggle there would have been without that successful leadership. Give thanks and honor his memory.

Joe Silver