James Edward Sheridan

Thursday, December 31, 2015
Hanover, N.H.— James Edward Sheridan, beloved husband of Sonia Landy Sheridan, and father of Jamy Sheridan, died on Dec. 21, 2015 at the age of 93, in Kendal at Hanover, a continuing care retirement community. Jim, an Emeritus professor of Chinese history at Northwestern University, was much loved by the Kendal community.

As historian he wrote the history and values of Kendal in A Caring Community: An Introduction to Kendal at Hanover. He was one of the editors of WW II Remembered, the World War II memoirs of KaH residents, wrote and published a play Life and Love at Kendal, edited Kendalights for 17 years, acted in plays, published a book about insects, and was deeply involved in supporting Kendal in many ways. Jim was an avid supporter of a wholesome environment. While at Kendal he worked for the Upper Valley Land Trust - one way was to keep the landings along the Connecticut River in good shape. In 2014 Jim edited his wife’s book, Art at the Dawning of the Electronic Era: Generative Systems. During his youth, at the outset of WW II, Jim entered the US Navy as an enlisted man. Later he taught radar, became a Hellcat fighter pilot, and retired as an Ensign. After the war Jim continued his education on a GI bill, studied Russian, then Chinese on grants in Paris, Taiwan, and Japan. He received his PHD at the University of California Berkeley.

He taught briefly at Stanford, then accepted the position of teaching Chinese History at Northwestern University where he remained until 1989. At Northwestern University Jim was History Department Chair, Director of The Program of African Asian Languages, and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Jim wrote three books on Modern Chinese history and contributed to other books on the same general subject.