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Sunday Form: Wind Farm Would Be Damaging; Unbearable Arms; Teen Production Triumphs

Sunday, March 08, 2015
Wind Project Would Be Destructive

To the Editor:

We are writing in strong opposition to the proposed Spruce Ridge wind turbine “farm” (read “factory”) on the ridge lines near Mt. Cardigan.

The Portuguese corporation responsible for this project wishes to build 29 industrial-sized turbines, each 500 feet high, which would stay in place for at least 20 years. The corporation has not communicated with the town of Canaan’s administration or residents about its plan, which it must know would be met with stiff opposition due to the obvious and long-term environmental and aesthetic damage it would cause to our area’s natural beauty.

The Mt. Cardigan State Forest and mountain summit, with its splendid views, are among the region’s most iconic landmarks, beloved by local residents and tourists alike. However, the corporation has already applied to the FAA for a permit to erect a tower, complete with red blinking light, to measure wind velocity and frequency at the proposed turbine sites.

As taxpayers, we are concerned about the negative effects such a large wind farm would have on the property values of Canaan, and the surrounding towns of Orange and Alexandria, including but not limited to the project’s potential for noise, water and air pollution (leading to health concerns); deforestation; erosion and soil run-off; blasting for turbine footings; and damage to area wildlife, birds and amphibians.

The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee will accept written statements from the public about the project until March 23, sent to Jane.Murray@nh.des.gov.

We hope that as more area residents learn the true nature of this project, they think carefully about its consequences. While we can support alternative sources of energy, such as solar power, for the future good of all, we do not believe that industrial wind farms are the best way to produce electricity in our small state, especially when the power they generate must be transmitted (and sold) via large and unsightly above-ground power grid lines.

For additional information, please go to nhwindwatch.org.

Alix Olson and Martha Popp


Radical Gun Owners Infringe Rights

To the Editor:

“Freedom is ever and always about the natural rights of the individual. It is never about the presumed ‘right’ of self-important elitist collectives …” How true, these words of letter-writer Dick Tracy (“The Natural Right to Self-Defense,” Forum, March 1). It is indeed frightening that modern legislators reject the rational sentiments and scientific inquiry of the Enlightenment in favor of the National Rifle Association dollar.

“Collectives” of radicalized gun owners manage to block legislation that protects the natural rights of fellow citizens. An elitist prerogative to purchase firearms at gun shows, without the necessary background checks to assess if one is a criminal, terrorist or unhinged, threatens all members of society.

“Fundamental premise of the right to defend one’s life”? Responsible advocates of “gun control” do not propose banning guns for “self-defense.” Self-defense is not improved by limitless ammo unless you are on the battlefield. Not at your house, movie theatre or backyard, unless you plan to engage your local army. And the NRA’s answer to Newtown: Arm every kindergarten for military action. Really? Do you think that will lessen the 30,000 Americans already killed yearly, or lessen the 20 children hospitalized daily with bullet wounds?

Sen. Kelly Ayotte recently trumpeted “common-sense” legislation mandating the Consumer Product Safety Commission to make liquid nicotine containers child-proof, due to the unfortunate death of one child in New York City. Yet the daily parade of gun-related child death remains immune from such common-sense 21st century law.

This is an example of a “docile, complacent, compliant” populace that has given up rational regulation, one step at a time, to allay the unfounded fears of an unbounded-gun mentality. It’s time to demand common-sense laws to limit the endemic American “collateral damage” in the support of the gun elite’s interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Ken Dolkart


Incredible Talent in Teen Production

To the Editor:

Bravo to everyone involved in the North Country Community Theater Teen production of 42nd Street at the Lebanon Opera House this past week. Such incredible talent displayed by more than 60 well-directed young local teen performers, acting, singing and tap dancing with a superb orchestra. Packed houses left on a happy note themselves, feeding off the energy of the performers. Thank you very much teens. I am looking forward to next year.

Edna Pierce


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