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Forum, Oct. 2: Drive ISIS From Iraq; Keep the Garipay House Heated; Nice Views in Enfield

Thursday, October 02, 2014
Drive ISIS Fighters Out of Iraq

To the Editor:

With Republican or Democrat leadership, we never fail to get it wrong. Now we are fighting against ISIS, which has armament we supplied just a short time ago in an effort to stabilize the region. Does this remind anyone of Afghanistan or JFK’s Cuban debacle?

The answer seems clear. Why not use air power followed by an international ground force to drive ISIS out of Iraq and back into Syria, just as George H.W. Bush drove the invading Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and back to Baghdad. ISIS is a radical Sunni group that has alienated almost everyone, including most Shiite and Sunni Muslims. With the border secure and ISIS sealed in Syria, the evil Shia-backed Assad and equally evil Sunni ISIS will face each other and that will be a major problem for the Iranians, who are Assad supporters and fear ISIS. In the meantime, moderate Sunni and Shia groups in Iraq might unite under their new leadership and use this opportunity to forge a truly representative government.

Bob Fox


Keep the Garipay House Heated

To the Editor:

The Hartford Historical Society is actively soliciting donations of clean, salable items and books for a fundraiser to be held on Saturday, Oct. 11, at our museum/headquarters at the Garipay House, 1461 Maple St., in Hartford Village (directly across from the bridge).

The purpose of the yard sale is to raise money to offset the cost of heating oil so that we will be able to remain open during the fall and winter months. Last year’s fuel cost was over $3,600. Without the necessary funds, we will be forced to close our doors until spring.

The Garipay House Museum is always a busy place. School groups visit to do research and to view displays that teach about our town’s remarkable past. Adults are frequent visitors as well, and we offer them a plethora of artifacts, photos and historical information. Our curator, Martha Knapp, is always happy to assist in providing materials for special research projects. We also offer special programs and a variety of open houses for people of all ages. There is never an entrance fee.

Donations may be dropped off at the museum Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., or you may call 802-296-3132 to make other arrangements. Our email address is

We are registered with the IRS as a 50l (c)(3) and are happy to provide donors with a receipt for tax purposes.

Mary E. Nadeau

Board Chairwoman, Hartford Historical Society

Nice Views in Enfield

To the Editor:

On Monday my wife and I went for a ride to look at the fall foliage. Above 800 feet it is at its peak and, boy, the peak is most colorful this year. An added bonus was driving through Enfield and Enfield Center (we followed Route 4 to Potter Place and came back to Etna via Route 4A) and seeing all the wonderful scarecrows, stuffed figures or whatever they are adorning businesses, information signs and the ends of driveways. It made a beautiful trip even more enjoyable.

Who did all the stuffed figures? Perhaps the Valley News could send one of your crackerjack photographers to record a few dozen. They are really well done. And the foliage is spectacular, particularly where one gains a view over a marsh, swamp, pond or lake. Thank you, nature, and Enfield.

Richard Husband


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