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Letter: Wi-Fi Has Detrimental Health Effects

Thursday, June 19, 2014
To the Editor:

I was disappointed to read (“Wi-fi in Downtown Windsor,” April 30) that so many towns are deciding to expose their residents and visitors to urban levels of radio frequency electrosmog. People often move or travel to Vermont to enjoy its natural beauty and clean environment — not to spend hours surfing the Web on their phones or tablets.

Wi-fi is another name for two-way, pulsed microwave data communication. These signals are biologically disruptive to our bodies and also have an impact on plants and wildlife. Federal research has existed for decades showing the numerous health effects caused by this kind of radiation, but regulations are virtually nonexistent because of the desire to grow the economy to no end.

The World Health Organization and many reputable scientists around the world have spoken out about the carcinogenicity of radio frequency exposure, while device manufacturers continue pouring billions of dollars into cranking up the power on phones, tablets, routers and towers.

Residents of Windsor should be made aware of exactly where these transmitters are being placed, when they are activated, and what symptoms they may expect to experience when in close proximity to them (headaches, ear ringing, dizziness, anxiety and insomnia to name a few). These are essentially just invisible cell towers being placed in close proximity to where people spend a lot of time.

Despite the health consequences of this technological leap, Windsor seems to be playing the odds that the economic benefits of a Wi-fi blanket will outweigh the biological harm it will cause. However, anyone with an understanding of how microwaves affect our well-being would be wise to avoid shopping in Windsor after it becomes a radio frequency radiation hotspot.

Matt Fisken

White River Junction

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