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Letter: Count Me Out of the Party

Friday, September 13, 2013

To the Editor:

About 600 people will lose their jobs, and Nina Swaim is throwing a party (“Vermont Nuke Plant to Close,” Aug. 28). Swaim was quoted as saying, “I just think we all should party for a while” to describe the closing of Vermont Yankee that she helped bring about. She’s just another example of the shameless anti-nuclear activists who travel the country destroying the lives of hard-working people while doing further damage to our already pitiful energy policy.

I’ve never met Swaim, and I don’t have to. Her anti-nuclear cousins in New Jersey recently succeeded in putting both me and my wife (along with 600 others) out of a job at our plant in New Jersey. But she is going to party.

The entire town of Vernon is about to be devastated. Restaurants, retailers and every other local business just lost 600 customers. The same is going to happen to our town of Forked River. But Swaim is going to party.

Tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue is going to vanish from state and local government and will inevitably result in either cuts to programs or increases in taxes (probably both). Swaim doesn’t care. She’s partying.

Hundreds of megawatts of reliable, carbon-free electricity is about to be replaced by burning even more fossil fuels. We know what Swaim’s going to do.

I was born and raised near the plant where I work. My wife and I are happy here. So is our little girl. We had hoped to spend the rest of our lives in the home we’ve made. But thanks to Swaim and her friends, we both lose our jobs on the same day. There are 600 stories like this going on in Vernon right now and another 600 here in New Jersey. Anti-nuclear activists don’t care about the lives they destroy because big words like “nuclear” frighten them.

I won’t be attending Swaim’s party. I’ll be busy worrying about what happens to my daughter when her mom and dad simultaneously become unemployed. I doubt anyone in Vernon will be at her party, either.

Jack Gamble

Manahawkin, N.J.

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